Queen looks healthy and happy as she gets back to work in Windsor Castle—‘phewww, she is back!’

The Queen looks healthy and relaxed as she received the President of Switzerland at Windsor Castle

The Queen looks healthy and happy as she gets back to work
(Image credit: Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Returning to official duties after taking a personal break to Sandringham for her 96th birthday, the Queen has delighted fans with photographs of her visit with the President of Switzerland. Receiving the president and his wife at Windsor Castle, fans were quick to celebrate a return to form for the Queen after months of health issues.

Proving that she shows no signs of slowing down in her 70th year on the throne, the Queen has leapt right back into royal duties after taking a short break to celebrate her birthday at Sandringham.

The Queen received Ignazio Cassis, the President of Switzerland, and his wife Paola at Windsor Castle, with photos of the meeting showing a happy, radiant looking Her Majesty.

The Queen welcomed the president of Switzerland to Windsor Castle

(Image credit: Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Although the Queen has been moving with the aid of a walking cane for several months, she appeared to go without it for Thursday's audience.

Pictured wearing a blue, paisley patterned dress and her signature three-strand pearl necklace, the Queen was all smiles as she shook hands and posed for photos with her Swiss guests.

Rushing to celebrate the return of a healthy looking Her Majesty, fans heaped praise in the comments on the official Royal Family Instagram account.

The Queen was moving around unaided after months of mobility issues

(Image credit: Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Well-wishes and praise for the Queen included comments like, “The Queen is looking great!”, “So good to see her look so radiant” and “Her Majesty is looking great. Love her! Long Live the Queen!”

Many fans praised the Queen’s dress too, proving that her style advice to Princess Anne was on the money.

“What a beautiful dress she’s wearing”, one fan wrote, with another adding, “I love that paisley patterned dress.”

Seemingly summing up the mood of all Her Majesty’s fans seeing her return to work looking so well, one fan captured it perfectly by saying, “Phewww, she is back!”

Ignazio Cassis described it as a ”great honor” to meet The Queen, adding it “symbolizes the close and long-standing ties” between their two countries.

He later added his “best wishes for the Platinum Jubilee year!”

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