Buckingham Palace prepares for emergency lockdown to protect the Queen

The Queen is having to prepare for emergency lockdown, as the Palace are concerned about Her Majesty's health, according to royal insiders.

  • Buckingham Palace officials are rushing to draw up plans to isolate Her Majesty should the UK’s outbreak of coronavirus 'reach Italian proportions'.
  • It's thought the Queen’s health would be at significant risk if the outbreak in the UK got as bad as Italy's situation, with the country in nationwide lockdown.
  • This follows royal news that the Queen is set to give a special nod to Meghan Markle with a visit planned for next week.

How is the Queen preparing for coronavirus?

Royal insiders say that Queen Elizabeth, 93, would be forced into isolation if coronavirus continues to take over the country.

Royal expert Phil Dampier said, 'The Queen wore gloves to hand out medals last week.

'I can’t imagine the Palace powers will want her meeting and greeting thousands of people, particularly at her age, if the cases escalate.'

Government officials are also working out the best possible way to protect Her Majesty from the escalating outbreak.

If the UK places itself under lockdown, it's thought that the Queen would be 'relocated to either Sandringham or Balmoral to limit the risk of infection'.

Although this would be a last-resort, as there is concern that 'if the Queen or other senior members of the Royal Family were to self-isolate or change their plans, it might spark panic in the general population'.

HM has already stopped shaking hands at official events since the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this week, the Queen didn't shake hands when she met with Sri Lankan High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena and her husband, Dr. Sudath Talpahewa.

Her Majesty has also been advised to cancel her garden party in May by government officials.

And Princess Beatrice's wedding, which is due to take place on 29 May, is also at risk of being cancelled.

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