Queen in high spirits as she dons neon pink and green dress for important ceremony

The Queen was in a jolly mood on Monday as she joked with guests at Windsor Castle for her first public investiture ceremony in two years

Queen in high spirits as she dons neon pink and green dress
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The Queen showed off her witty humor as she hosted a special investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle on Monday, much to the delight of her adoring royal fans. 

The Queen appeared to be in good spirits for her first public investiture ceremony in two years on Monday, chatting and joking with a small group of important guests at Windsor Castle

Her Majesty invited representatives of NHS Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland, to her Berkshire residence yesterday to thank them for their organization's hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic and to award each nation's healthcare service with the George Cross medal. 

Two of the recipients were Chief Executive of NHS England, Amanda Pritchard, and May Parsons, Modern Matron from University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, who administered the first vaccine for the virus in December 2020. 

Joined by her eldest son, Prince Charles, the Queen seemed to be in high spirits for the intimate ceremony. The 96-year-old exchanged a few words with each of the representatives, commending them for their contributions and asking the usual questions about their experiences on the frontline. 


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She also let her humor shine through at certain points of the interaction, much to the appreciation of attendees. 

"And you're still alive!" she quipped after learning that May Parsons had delivered the first COVID-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials. 

The Queen displayed her comedic nature again as she took a seat to pose for the camera with her guests, joking, "Don't look too miserable" before the photographer snapped the shots. 


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Never one to disappoint in the fashion department, Her Majesty wore a white dress with a neon pink and green floral print and her signature pearl jewelry for the lowkey gathering. For her footwear, she kept things sensible with a pair of black brogues elevated by a block heel. The Queen's 'summer' haircut, which she debuted shortly after her Platinum Jubilee last month, appears to have also grown out a little into a slightly longer bob. 

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