Queen Elizabeth found one part of her job very 'irritating' and wished it could be different

Queen Elizabeth is said to have been ‘irritated’ by one part of her royal role when it came to parties and how people reacted to her

It's claimed Queen Elizabeth found one part of her job very 'irritating'. Seen here she attends the Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal Windsor Cup polo match
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Queen Elizabeth reportedly found one part of her job as monarch very “irritating” and wished it could be different. 

Throughout her 70-year reign the late Queen amassed experience of everything from State Visits to addressing the nation and being a devoted mother to her four children. She forged an extraordinary legacy as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, though it’s been suggested that Queen Elizabeth found one part of her job quite “irritating”. Her Majesty was familiar with attending high-profile events and being surrounded by crowds. But it seems that when it came to parties, the late monarch wished the way people reacted to her could have been different. 

Opening up previously to Fabulous Digital, as per The Sun, royal author Adam Helliker revealed that an equerry to Her Majesty apparently had an enlightening conversation with her about this.

Queen Elizabeth II attends a reception to celebrate the work of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust

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“Ever wondered what the Queen feels like when she enters a room filled with people, knowing they're all nervous about meeting her?” he began, “Well, an RAF officer who served as an equerry discloses: ‘One summer day she asked me to join her on a walk at Balmoral.”

The query went on to claim that Queen Elizabeth described it like “water parting” whenever she entered a room. So much so that it supposedly left the monarch dreaming of being able to enter a party unnoticed and enjoying herself talking to “anyone she felt like”. 

They alleged, “'She talked about how irritating it was to go into a party and as she put it, watch people peel away, like the water parting as the bow of a ship ploughed through it. She said she always felt it would be lovely to just slip into a party, wandering around incognito, talking to anyone she felt like.”

Queen Elizabeth II attends a reception and awards ceremony at Royal Academy of Arts

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But it wasn’t just the way people would “peel away” that Her Majesty apparently didn’t enjoy. According to the equerry what “irritated” her far more was the sudden silence that fell.

"But the thing that most irritated her was the 'inevitable hush' that always greeted her when they saw her walking in,” they declared.

This sudden hush falling in the room is perhaps understandable given she was monarch and it’s something that King Charles has likely experienced since ascending the throne too and possibly even before as Prince of Wales. 

Whilst Queen Elizabeth was allegedly “irritated” that she couldn’t simply enter a party and mingle “incognito” there were at least some other occasions in her life where she went completely under the radar.

Queen Elizabeth II attends day 4 of the Royal Windsor Horse Show

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Queen Elizabeth’s hilarious response to Balmoral tourists not recognising her once in Scotland is something former royal protection officer Richard Griffin has once revealed. Her Majesty was allegedly walking in relaxed countryside attire on the Balmoral estate when she came across some tourists who asked whether she lived locally.

The group reportedly then asked whether she had actually met the Queen, to which she quipped, “No, but this policeman has”, gesturing to the protection officer.

This brilliant response showcased Queen Elizabeth's characteristic sense of humour and it seemed she rather enjoyed not being recognised on this occasion.

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