Queen continues Platinum Jubilee celebrations with new coin collection – find out the special meaning behind the three new coins

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year continues with more celebrations as the Royal Mint unveil a new coin collection with special meaning

The Queen will be celebrated with a new coin collection
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It’s been a celebratory Platinum Jubilee year for Her Majesty the Queen, and the good times keep on coming. The Royal Mint have issued a new collection of coins to commemorate the Queen’s reign, with each coin designed to celebrate a different pillar of the Queen’s achievements.

While most of the major Platinum Jubilee celebrations are over for the year, culminating with the once-in-a-lifetime concert at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s historic reign is still being honored.

The Royal Mint, Britain’s oldest company and the official maker of UK coins, revealed it would be releasing a new coin collection to celebrate Her Majesty’s reign.

The Queen’s new coin collection will pay homage to Her Majesty’s unwavering commitment to the Commonwealth and her charitable work and patronages over the years.

The special coins feature the Queen's signature

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Each of the coins will have a specific focus.

One of the coins will focus on the myriad of awards and honors bestowed upon the Queen throughout her lifetime of service.

The second of the three coins will highlight the Queen’s work with charities and all the organizations she has been a patron to.

The third coin will celebrate the Queen’s commitment to the Commonwealth.

Speaking about the fitting tribute to the Queen’s historic 70 years on the throne, Nicola Howell, director of the Chief Commercial Officer at the Royal Mint said in a statement, “This year marks a truly special moment in royal history – Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To celebrate Her Majesty’s incredible reign, we are delighted to unveil a unique collection which features her signature on all three coins for the first time.”

“As the official maker of UK coins, we’re proud to have struck each coin of Her Majesty’s reign and this special collection pays tribute to her commitment to the Commonwealth, patronage and charitable work.”

The artist behind the designs of the coins, PJ Lynch, said, “When creating this series, I initially focused on the Queen’s hands. She is so often shaking hands, it is how she welcomes and communicates with the people she meets.”

“It led me to consider her signature, which is so symbolic, an instrument of state… but also her personal promise and commitment.”

How to buy the new Royal Mint coin collection

Royal fans will be able to purchase the coins exclusively through the Royal Mint website.

Prices for the coins start from around $15 (£13) and go up to over $3000 for special edition gold proof coins.

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