Princess Diana's friend criticizes makers of 'The Crown' and dubs them 'cruel and sadistic' for retraumatizing Princes William and Harry

Princess Diana's friend voices her disapproval of 'The Crown' and says the show's 'cruel' creators are the 'lowest of the low'

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Princess Diana's friend Simone Simmons has voiced her disdain over the upcoming season of The Crown, which will feature the tragic death of the late Princess.

Princess Diana's friend Simone, who says she used to speak on the phone to the Princess for up to 10 hours a day, voiced her concerns about The Crown season 5 ahead of its premiere in November 2022. 

“These are cruel, sadistic and wicked people to recreate these moments. They are the lowest of the low," the psychic told The Sun. "They are rewriting history as they go along and that’s what makes me very angry."

Simone added her concern for Prince William and Prince Harry saying, “Netflix are deliberately reviving the most painful time in the boys’ lives. It’s forcing them to relive the pain, agony, and psychological torment they suffered when their mother died. I think it’s disgusting and sick. Why are they setting out to upset William and Harry?"

Prince William with Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Harry on the day he joined Eton in September 1995.

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Previously, speaking to the Telegraph, Simone said of her relationship with Diana, "Yes, I'm a very odd person for some people to think of as Diana's best friend. But at least I'm honest, I'm sincere, and I would never put her wrong."

This isn't the first time Simone has spoken out publicly against people she believes did a disservice to her close friend and she even gave evidence to Lord Dyson’s inquiry investigating the infamous Martin Bashir interview with the late Princess.

“The makers of this program do not care about the heir to the throne and everything he has been through," Simone told The Sun. “Why do these callous, insensitive people feel the need to recreate that horrible day? They are going out of their way to hurt the Royal Family.”

It isn't just close personal friends of the Princess who are speaking out against Netflix, as public figures like former Prime Minister Sir John Major and actor Dame Judi Dench have also criticized the show. 

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