Princess Diana's clever hack to calm down Prince William has fans all saying the same thing

Princess Diana's clever hack to calm down Prince William was a heartfelt parenting moment revealed on video decades ago

Princess Diana's clever hack to calm down Prince William was revealed on video decades ago in a heartfelt parenting moment caught on camera
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Princess Diana's clever hack for calming down a cranky Prince William is so relatable and so sweet.

41 years ago in August 1982, the Prince of Wales's christening took place in London. At the time, the young Prince was just a cranky baby who wanted to be fed, but because he was the future heir to the throne, he needed to sit still and take part in a photocall with the rest of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.

For Princess Diana, this meant dealing with a screaming baby while trying to handle her royal in-laws as they waited for the Prince to calm down so they could take the photo. However, the new mother had a clever hack up her sleeve so that she could calm down her son and ensure that things went smoothly.

The Princess put her pinky finger in her firstborn's mouth and he immediately calmed down and sucked on her finger. This clever hack meant that the Royal Family could pose and snap a photograph of the christening celebrations. This debacle was captured by royal photographers and has resurfaced online by the TikTok account @royaltyfandom.


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Fans loved this moment and could relate to the Princess' pinky finger hack. "Why is it always the pinky lol my son was the same way 😅," said one commenter. "Innovative 😌," said another. "She was such a wonderful mother," yet another said.

"I used to do this for my daughter when she was fussing. Worked like a charm. She should’ve been allowed to feed him though," said one commenter.

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Other commenters were less impressed with the fact that the Princess had to use this hack at all, and many felt the photo shoot should have been delayed so the Princess could have fed the young Prince. "'Calm him' bro was hungry and she couldn’t feed her son bc they had to take a picture 🙄," said one commenter. "It was feeding time. Diana did say that the christening hour was badly planned," said another.

Princess Diana

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In Andrew Morton's 1992 book Diana: Her True Story, Diana spoke about her son's christening and how difficult was for her as a new parent who had only given birth a few weeks before. "I was treated like nobody else's business on 4 August. Nobody asked me when it was suitable for William - 11 o'clock, couldn't have been worse," she said.

"Endless pictures of the Queen, Queen Mother, Charles and William," said Diana. "I was excluded totally that day. I felt desperate because I had literally just given birth - William was only six weeks old. And it was all decided around me. Hence the ghastly pictures." She added, "Everything was out of control, everything. I wasn't very well and I just blubbed my eyes out. William started crying, too. Well, he just sensed that I wasn't exactly hunky-dory."

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