Princess Beatrice's naughty ways caught by Princess Diana in hilarious throwback TikTok

Fans are loving how Princess Diana didn’t miss a trick from the mischievous young Beatrice

A young Princess Beatrice gets a bit bored on the balcony of the palace in 1990
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An adorable throwback video has been making the rounds on TikTok, and fans are all saying the same thing about how attentive and swift Princess Diana was when she was in ‘mum mode.’ The video shows Diana standing alongside Sarah Ferguson on the balcony of Buckingham Palace back in 1990. A young Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice are seen fidgeting and playing around with each other until Beatrice decides to try her luck and nearly throws something from the balcony.

A hilarious throwback video of the Royal Family from 1990 has amassed nearly two million likes and reveals a young Princess Beatrice’s mischievous streak.

In scenes that might remind today’s royal fans of Prince Louis’ cheeky ways, a two-year-old Princess Beatrice is with her family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 1990 – but she’s clearly getting fidgety to be elsewhere.

Understandable, for a toddler!


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As she fusses and plays with cousin Prince Harry – who would’ve been around six at the time – Beatrice goes to take it one step further and tries to hurl a glove from the palace.

If she’d managed it, that might have been quite the bit of memorabilia for someone to catch.

Fortunately – or unfortunately for the naughty young princess – the late Diana, Princess of Wales manages to intercept her, quickly snatching the glove away and distracting Beatrice with a funny innocent expression.

Princess Diana was hands on when a young Harry and Beatrice started to misbehave

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Diana’s reflexes have not gone unnoticed by TikTok users who simply love how she was showing off her natural parental instincts in the clip.  

One wrote, “Nah that was smooth with the glove” with another jokingly referring to Diana as “a preschool teacher... she knew how to handle toddlers.”

Another parent gives Diana props for having the intuition that many get when they have children, adding “Us mums have eyes in the back of our head, we see everything.”

Harry, Beatrice and Eugenie are said to have remained close despite the ongoing feud between Harry and his family

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Seeing the young Harry and Beatrice bond could explain why the pair are still “best friends” – despite Harry’s estrangement from the rest of the royals.

According to a royal source, both Beatrice and her sister, Princess Eugenie, have kept in regular contact with Harry since his move to Santa Barbara, and subsequent scandalous revelations and criticism of his brother and father.

Speaking to People, the insider also claimed that Prince Harry's tensions with the family have been tough for the sisters.

"They're still the best of friends and talk constantly," the source said. "This whole drama between him and Meghan and the rift with the rest of the family has been really stressful for the girls. It’s hard to watch because they see both sides of it."

Maybe in the future, it’ll be Harry or Beatrice stopping their own children from misbehaving at a royal event.

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