Princess Anne’s ‘favourite place’ is reportedly her ‘walk-in fridge’ and we sort of understand why

The Princess Royal has an 'unconventional' kitchen

Princess Anne
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Princess Anne lives in a sprawling 'country house' surrounded by stunning scenery and interior features but her ‘favourite place’ on the estate is reportedly her ‘walk-in fridge’ - and the reasoning is surprisingly understandable. 

  • The grade II-listed property that Princess Anne calls home boasts a range of 'relaxed country-house' features but her favourite of them all is reportedly the 'walk-in fridge.'
  • The reason she loves the fridge so much is that her cook will regularly 'leave snacks for the princess to graze on' in the walk-in.
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Princess Anne hit the jackpot when she was gifted a stunning 700-acre estate at Gatcombe Park upon her marriage to her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. She has called the property home ever since and now lives in it with her second husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

The building may look cold and imposing from the outside, but the Princess Royal has reportedly made the place quite 'cosy' with design nods to 'country farmhouses' and an important focus on functionality for her pets.  

But for all the stunning features, including a sprawling conservatory and perfectly manicured grounds, Anne's favourite spot in the whole house is actually her 'walk-in fridge.'

Yes. According to reports in The Lady Magazine, while Anne is not known as a 'big eater,' she can be found spending time in the space where an 'endless supply' of 'snacks' are left for her pleasure. 

Gatcombe Park

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The Lady writes, "Gatcombe Park is less formal and less ‘royal’ than the other residences of members of the Royal Family. The house is run in a very relaxed country-house style, with the dogs and horses taking priority."

The publication paints a vivid picture of Anne's 'unconventional' kitchen, sharing that the space 'has the distinct aura of Downton Abbey meets country farmhouse.'

While you won't find any 'shiny surfaces or modern machines' in this 'simple' room, Anne's dogs will be underfoot constantly as 'dogs rule and the kitchen is their domain.' 

Speaking about the walk-in fridge, the magazine adds, "Her tiny frame is testament to the fact that she is not a big eater, but the large walk-in fridge is her favourite place. The cook will leave snacks for the princess to graze on. Strong cheeses, pâté and cooked hams hanging from the cold interior walls of the refrigerated room are in endless supply. Pheasants, of course, will hang when in season."

Princess Anne speaks with residents of a street as they hold a Coronation street party

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The snacks are a testement to Anne's 'simple' and 'non-fussy' eating habits. The Lady adds, "Endless cups of coffee and regular snacks keep the princess happy. Food must be simple and non-fussy, but there is a passion for trying dishes from other cultures and sometimes the cook will be asked to prepare a recipe that the princess has come across in a magazine. 

"A good curry would tempt her on her days off. When working or attending formal occasions, the princess will stick to light food."

Hosting at home is a little different for Anne, though the parties feature the same simple meals and she likes them to be over pretty quickly.

The MailOnline previously reported that Anne likes to serve easy meals with 'whichever' meat she can 'defrost the quickest' and will pair that with hearty boiled potatoes and either peas or green beans.

The speedy meal choices aren't just for convenience but also so she can get back to her alone time and beauty sleep. Hello! Magazine reports that she previously explained, "After all, one wants everyone out of the house by 9.15pm at the latest. For pudding, I pass them a choc ice to eat in the car."

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