Prince William's cousin is the spitting image of Prince George and he's taken a rather surprising career path

Prince William's cousin shares an incredible resemblance to Prince George but there are a few key differences between the royal relatives

rince George of Cambridge attends The Wimbledon Men's Singles Final
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Prince William's cousin Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp is incredibly like the heir to the throne, Prince George. However, there are two key differences between the Viscount and his cousin's child - including the artsy career he's undertaken and his stake to his family title.

Louis [ Viscount Althorp Son Of Charles, Earl Spencer] At The Opening Of The Princess Of Wales Memorial Playground In Kensington Gardens AND Prince George of Cambridge stands on the balcony at Buckingham Palace at the end of the Platinum Pageant on The Mall on June 5, 2022 in London, England. The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II is being celebrated from June 2 to June 5, 2022, in the UK and Commonwealth to mark the 70th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II on 6 February 1952.

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Much reporting of the new generation of the Spencer clan is centered around Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer, as well as her sisters Eliza Spencer and Amelia Spencer. 

However, Prince William's cousin Louis Spencer is someone who's potentially about to be on your radar. Just when you thought his female relatives were the starlets, it transpires that the Viscount has set his own sights on stardom - as an actor.

Louis graduated from Arts Educational Schools in London on 6 September 2022 and was named his class’ valedictorian - much to the immense pride of his father Earl Spencer.

The Earl, who's the late Princess Diana's brother, shared his pride via a very personal Instagram post after his son's graduation in September 2022.

It reads, "my son, Louis, graduated today from @artsedlondon with a First-class degree. He was selected as his year’s valedictorian, and it was an absolutely beautiful speech - perfectly-delivered, touchingly generous, hugely grateful, and including references to so many of his 80 classmates."

The post continues, "a final farewell hug to his brilliant principal here, and then on to his career. I couldn’t be prouder of him - so much hard work, to add to a very rare gift. Congratulations, Louis!"

Unlike many struggling actors, Louis was immediately snapped up by leading agency Tavistock Wood under his stage name Louis John Lyons.

Lady Kitty Spencer, mother Victoria Aitken and brother Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, attend Tatler's English Roses 2017 in association with Michael Kors at the Saatchi Gallery on June 29, 2017 in London, England.

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Although Prince William's cousin has a lot in common with the young Prince George - there's one key difference. Although both are heir's to their family title, Viscount Althorp's claim, despite having three older sisters, is down to primogeniture. 

Per, primogeniture is a, "preference in inheritance that is given by law, custom, or usage to the eldest son and his issue." In other words - sons will always override the female in the line.

Prince George was the first heir born into the Royal Family after the dated concept was abolished, meaning his place in the royal line of succession is nothing to do with his gender.

Louis Spencer, Son Of Earl Spencer Attending The Opening Of The Princess Of Wales Memorial Playground AND Prince George of Cambridge attends The Wimbledon Men's Singles Final at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 10, 2022 in London, England.

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It's easy to wonder if this dated idea is annoying to his older sisters and many pricked their ears up when Lady Kitty Spencer discussed it with town&country.

"Primogeniture can be a tricky topic," she told the magazine, "because as times are changing, attitudes are as well. We've grown up understanding that it’s Louis to inherit, and Louis will do an incredible job."

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