Prince William loses a surprising title – find out who has dethroned the Prince of Wales from this unusual honor

Prince William might be due a crown in his future, but he’s lost the crowning glory of being the sexiest bald celebrity

Prince William loses title of sexiest bald celebrity
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Prince William has been dethroned as the world's sexiest bald man. The Prince of Wales now comes in fifth on the list, which uses a combination of physical factors and social media insight to calculate the score.

Prince William might have inherited a new title this year, but, as the saying goes, easy come, easy go. For the new Prince of Wales has also found himself usurped and dethroned – as the sexiest bald celebrity.

Many men might consider a full head of hair their crowning glory, but others embrace the bald.

For William, being crowned the sexiest bald man alive in 2021 would surely have helped with this.

But all good things come to an end, and he now finds himself just fifth on the list.

William might have to fight to earn back his spot next year

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Before we look at who ousted William from his throne, let’s look at how the top 10 was decided.

Digital PR company Reboot SEO looked at a wide number of factors such as facial golden ratio, Twitter sentiment analysis (looking at over 2.45 million tweets), net worth and height. These factors were then used to create an index score out of 10.

So how did the future King score? A respectable 6.13 out of 10.

Prince William scored enough points to come fifth on the list

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The study shows that 15.69% of all tweets regarding Prince William depict him as sexy.

The Prince of Wales is also the second tallest man within the top 10 finalists of the study, at a height of 1.91 metres (6.2 feet), second only to Dwayne The Rock Johnson at 1.96 metres (6.4 feet).

Prince William lost the top spot this year to Fast and Furious actor, Vin Diesel.

Actor and food enthusiast Stanley Tucci came second. 

Vin Diesel beat William to sexiest bald celebrity

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Stanley Tucci came second on the list

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The good news for William is that Vin Diesel managed to nab the top spot with only a small difference between their scores, coming in at 6.46 out of 10.

The top 10 sexiest bald celebrities of 2022 are

  • Vin Diesel – 6.46/10
  • Stanley Tucci – 6.33/10
  • Shemar Moore – 6.25/10
  • Pitbull – 6.16/10
  • Prince William – 6.13/10
  • Jason Statham – 5.96/10
  • Bruce Willis – 4.75/10
  • Joe Rogan – 4.37/10
  • Dwayne The Rock Johnson – 3.62/10
  • Mike Tyson – 2.50/10
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