Prince Harry and Oprah challenge cruel language surrounding mental illness in powerful trailer for The Me You Can’t See Me

Prince Harry and Oprah have teamed up to fight mental illness stigma in new Apple TV+ documentary

Prince Harry and Oprah have teamed up to fight mental illness stigma in new Apple TV+ documentary
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Prince Harry and Oprah have called out the harmful language used to describe mental illness in their new Apple TV+ documentary, in a bid to challenge the stigma surrounding the sensitive issue. 

Prince Harry is ready to tackle the stigma of mental illness—and that starts with watching our language. 

The Duke of Sussex appears alongside TV mogul Oprah Winfrey in the trailer for The Me You Can't See, an upcoming docuseries on the importance of mental health advocacy and treatment. The teaser opens with the powerhouse pair discussing the stereotypes attached to mental illness, despite its worldwide prevalence. 

"All over the world, people are in some kind of mental, psychological, emotional pain," Oprah prefaced before Harry joined in to list the terms commonly used in reference to mental illness. The first words that popped into their minds were 'crazy', 'lost it', and 'can't keep it together.' 

Oprah went on to emphasize the importance of dismantling these dangerous and inaccurate stereotypes, which only deter people from seeking treatment. 

"With that stigma of being labeled the other, the telling of the story, being able to say, 'This is what happened to me' is crucial," she said. 

Prince Harry is joined by a lineup of celebrities in the trailer for The Me You Can't See, who have all agreed to publicly share their experiences of mental illness in the hope of helping others. Lady Gaga, going by her birth name Stefani, is one of the courageous stars to sign up for the highly-anticipated series. 

"I don't tell this story for my own self-service," the Edge of Glory singer said in the teaser. "I've been through it, and people need help." 

Oprah, the series co-executive producer, will also come forward with her story. The legendary talk show host can be seen teared-eyed in one clip of the trailer as she reflects on her own past, revealing, "It's just something I accepted." The preview hints she may discuss her childhood growing up in Wisconsin, which was destroyed by years of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. 

Prince Harry appears noticeably composed and resolute throughout the trailer, suggesting his intentions to open up about his struggles are rooted in helping others rather than himself. 

"To make that decision to seek help is not a sign of weakness," he said, In today's world, more than ever, it is a sign of strength," he said. 

According to body language expert Judi James, Harry is drawing on his past troubles to empathize with others. 

"We see him adopting a semi-professional pose like a therapist or counselor offering experience, help and advice but at others, he is clearly evoking his own tragedy," she explains. 

The fleeting appearance of a smiling Meghan Markle in the trailer may also point to his increased independence. Judi believes that Harry is subtly sending a message that, while he and the Duchess of Sussex are still happily married, he is more than capable of standing his own ground. "We are now being shown a glimpse of a calmer and more determined-looking man, comfortable and confident to fly solo," she adds. 

The Me You Can’t See premieres on May 21 on Apple TV+. 

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