Prince Harry and Meghan's intimate call with Kate Middleton revealed by royal source

Prince Harry and Meghan's intimate call with Kate Middleton in celebration of her 40th birthday has been revealed by a royal expert

Prince Harry and Meghan's intimate call
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A royal insider has revealed Prince Harry and Meghan's intimate call with Kate Middleton for her 40th birthday.

Prince Harry and Meghan failed to publicly send a message to the Duchess of Cambridge when she recently turned 40. This led many royal fans to wonder if Meghan and Harry even said happy birthday to Kate Middleton.

Despite initial confusion, a royal expert has now spoken in defense of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and confirmed that the royal couple had a private zoom call with their sister-in-law.

Royal expert, Christopher Anderson, told US Weekly, “They did a video call. They wished her a happy birthday. [It was] very private. Harry and Meghan were not about to post anything the way they did two years ago.” 

Before they moved away from social media and still used some platforms for royal duties, the couple wished Kate a happy 38th birthday publicly on Twitter. A tweet said, “Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duchess of Cambridge today!” which also included a cake and heart emoji.

The author added that in comparison to the Duchess' 38th birthday, "this time everything was kept private."

Kate Middleton

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The royal insider also revealed that rather than celebrating this milestone birthday with a lavish party, Kate opted for a lowkey celebration at her Norfolk home, Amner Hall.

"The birthday party was held at Anmer Hall with family and friends. She only has a very small circle of friends, Kate does, and one of the interesting things they do is bake their own cake." 

Although Kate's celebration may have been very relaxed and involved homemade cake, her husband Prince William is expecting a larger celebration when he turns 40 later this year. 

“The queen has a big thing planned for [William] and he is going to throw something as well,” said Christopher. “So, there will be big parties again, if COVID allows anything like that to happen.”

This year is already set to be a big one for Her Majesty who is preparing to celebrate her Platinum Jubliee later this year in June. However, as Prince William is high in the royal line of succession, it is expected that his milestone birthdays would be celebrated with a bit of a flare, meaning the royals will have a lot to celebrate this year!

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