Prince Charles makes incredible gesture after family member Sophie Winkleman is involved in a near-fatal car crash

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Claudia Winkleman's sister Lady Frederick Windsor has revealed the touching ways the royal family supported her in the months after her terrifying brush with death.

Last November, Sophie, who is married to Prince William's cousin Lord Frederick Windsor, was involved in an horrific car crash while on her way home from filming.

The car the mum-of-two was travelling in was hit by another car, and was dramatically thrown up into the air.

In a new interview with Hello! magazine, the royal family member recalled feeling as though she was certain to die, in the moments following the terrible crash.

She told the publication, "I felt like my soul was rising up and seeing everything… Yes, I did expect to die. It was extraordinary."

Detailing her awful injuries, Sophie, 37, continued, "I just remember a massive great thwack and then lots of hot blood all over me. I recall heat; I had broken my back and ruptured my abdomen so my belly was torn apart and basically in my lap.


"I could feel my backbones jiggling around and I thought: 'I really hope this doesn't mean anything paralysing'."

For months, Lady Windsor recuperated in the Chelsea and Westminster hospital, and thankfully, sustained no life-threatening injuries.

The actress also revealed that one member of the royal family in particular, Prince Charles, was key to her recovery. Her uncle-in-law was one of the first to reach out, to offer the services of his chef for the family during Sophie's recovery.

Discussing the touching gesture the future King made, she said, "Prince Charles sensed correctly that everything would be chaos at home, so he asked his cook, instead of taking care of him, to take care of us.

"So, our lunches and dinners were cooked at Clarence House then delivered for weeks on end while I was in hospital and then still disabled at home."

Sophie, who shares a father with Strictly presenter Claudia Winkleman, also revealed that Prince William had been in touch with her London hospital, to ensure she was receiving the best medical care. She revealed, "I heard from pretty much every member of Freddie's family, I was spoiled to bits by them."

Sophie and husband Frederick retain close connections to the royal family, although she, unlike Meghan Markle, has continued to pursue her acting career after marrying into 'the firm'.

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One of their daughters, Maud, currently attends the same school as Prince George, Thomas's Battersea. The family regularly appear on the famous Buckingham Palace balcony too, alongside the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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