Nigella Lawson banana skin curry recipe baffles fans

Nigella Lawson, banana skin and curry = baffled!

Nigella Lawson poses for the camera at a celebrity event
Nigella Lawson banana skin curry has left fans baffled
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Nigella Lawson and her banana skin curry recipe has left fans baffled.

Nigella, 60, returned to TV screens on Friday night with her new series, Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat - the same name as her latest cookbook.

And while fans were thrilled to have her back on their screens, her rather bizarre banana skin and cauliflower curry recipe had them confused. 

Revealing the reasons behind the controversial recipe, Nigella explained, “I can't bear throwing anything away. And when I found out that you could eat banana skins, I couldn't get in the kitchen fast enough. It's a revelation.

"And for those who feel hesitant about the idea, I assure you that you would never guess my banana skin curry had banana skins in it. You wouldn't even think bananas.

"I love that this is a dish made with something that would normally go in the bin, although that wouldn't be enough to justify its presence in the programme. It's there because it is just a glorious thing to eat."

Nigella Lawson speaks at an event

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Social media users erupted on Twitter questioning the star’s unusual methods.

“I’m sorry @Nigella_Lawson but banana skins in curry is just a step too far! #wrong #bananaskins #Curry.”

Another said, “2020 just got more bonkers.” 

Why would you add banana skins to a curry?

Nigella poured boiling water over the banana skins before explaining that the soaked bananas can be chopped into the curry for “texture”. 

Can you eat banana skins?

Yes. Banana peel is made up of carbohydrates, water and small amounts of protein and fat. The skin’s thickness might make it quite tough to eat but it is edible and contains minerals including potassium and manganese. 

Nigella Lawson and ex husband Charles Saatchi out for dinner

Nigella Lawson and ex husband Charles Saatchi out for dinner 

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Is Nigella Lawson in a relationship? 

Nigella Lawson and ex husband John Diamond

Nigella Lawson and ex husband John Diamond 

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The mum-of-two keeps her private life out of the limelight, therefore it is unclear whether she is currently in a relationship. Although Nigella did hint she's found happiness after divorce.

She has previously been married twice to John Diamond and then Charles Saatchi - who is now dating Trinny Woodall. 

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