King Charles isn’t the most influential royal – find out where he lands on the list and which of his family members rank higher

He might have ascended to the throne, but the King isn’t the most influential royal according to new data

King Charles is outranked for most influential royal, but where is he on the list?
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A list of the most influential royals has been published, with King Charles ranking in seventh place. He is beaten by the likes of his daughter-in-law, Catherine, Princess of Wales who is the second most influential royal. The late Queen Elizabeth II still holds the top spot, according to an accumulation of Google searches and social media data looking at who the public are most interested in.

With social media and the internet being a vital lifeline for people around the world, it’s easy to use its data to see how important figures are to the public today.

That’s the rationale behind new research conducted by Financial World, who looked into global Google searches as well as TikTok and Instagram hashtag views to see which member of the Royal Family has the most influence and pull.

The late Queen Elizabeth II tops the list – by quite a large margin. If there was ever a doubt that the younger generations don't care about the Royal Family, they need just look at the facts and figures.

The late Queen pulled in a staggering 18.7 billion clicks and views across TikTok, 1.6 million Instagram hashtags and over 4.7 million Google searches.

The Queen is still the most influential royal

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Coming in second place is the newly appointed Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton has an impressive 1.4 million Instagram hashtags, 2.9  million Google searches per month and 6.3 billion views on TikTok.

Princess Catherine is the second most influential royal

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The Sussexes prove their power couple status by coming in third and fourth. Meghan Markle is third, with 4.5 million searches per month around the world. Prince Harry in fourth place has 1.4 million Google searches a month, features in 1.1 million Instagram hashtags and the hashtag #PrinceHarry has been viewed 7.3 billion times on TikTok. 

This is despite the pair stepping back from royal life in 2020.

Despite passing away 25 years ago, Princess Diana still ranks in fifth place, outranking both the King and her eldest son, Prince William.

Princess Diana remains a constant presence, ranking as the fifth most influential royal

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Princess Diana still pulls in 927,000 searches a year. This, combined with the Princess Diana hashtag on TikTok being viewed 9.8 billion times, and the nearly 1.2 million Instagram hashtags on the list, makes her one of the most influential royals. 

Season 5 of The Crown might also have played a part in keeping Diana’s influence strong, with the late Princess of Wales featuring heavily in the season.

Played by Elizabeth Debicki, the new season of The Crown includes controversial moments from Diana’s past, including the bombshell Martin Bashir Panorama interview in which she claimed there were always three people in her marriage.

Here's the list of the most influential royals in full:

  • Queen Elizabeth II (18.7 billion TikTok views, 1.6 million Instagram hashtags, 4.7 million Google searches)
  • Kate Middleton (6.3 billion TikTok views, 1.4 million Instagram hashtags, 2.9 million Google searches)
  • Meghan Markle (5.9 billion TikTok views, 1.2 million Instagram hashtags, 4.5 million Google searches)
  • Prince Harry (7.3 billion TikTok views, 1.1 million Instagram hashtags, 1.4 million Google searches)
  • Princess Diana (9.8 billion TikTok views, 1.1 million Instagram hashtags, 0.9 million Google searches)
  • Prince William (5.5 billion TikTok views, 1.04 million Instagram hashtags, 0.9 million Google searches)
  • King Charles III (3.2 billion TikTok views, 0.4 million Instagram hashtags, 1.1 million Google searches)
  • Anne, Princess Royal (878 million TikTok views, 86,000 Instagram hashtags, 367,000 Google searches)
  • Princess Margaret (706 million TikTok views, 76,000 Instagram hashtags, 4710,000 Google searches)
  • Queen Consort Camilla (191 million TikTok views, 34,000 Instagram hashtags, 280,000 Google searches)

A spokesperson for Financial World, commented on the findings, “This year has seen the monarchy transform with the death of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II in September.”

“As King Charles begins his reign, many will be curious to see how he chooses to adapt the royal family to a new era and who he will choose to help him do so.”

Popularity and influence are vital for the tenure of the royal family and so it will be interesting to see how these rankings evolve over time. 

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