Who plays Princess Diana in The Crown? All you need to know about Elizabeth Debicki

Everything you need to know about Elizabeth Debicki, the actress playing Diana, the Princess of Wales, in season five of The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki
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Elizabeth Debicki is the latest actor to step into the role of Princess Diana in the Netflix show The Crown, but who is the actress and what else has Elizabeth starred in?

The Crown season 5 just launched on Netflix and fans are racing through this fantastic Netflix series that features a whole new cast. Taking over from Emma Corrin in season 4, Elizabeth Debicki is starring in the series as an older version of Princess Diana. But where might you recognize this actress from? Here is everything you need to know about Elizabeth Debicki...

The Crown

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Elizabeth Debicki's age and how old is Diana in the show?

Elizabeth Debicki was born on August 24, 1990, and is currently 32 years old. In season five of the show, Elizabeth is portraying Princess Diana between the years of 1991 and 1997. 

In real life during this time frame of the early 1990s, Diana aged from 30 years old to 36. This means that although Elizabeth was slightly on the younger side, the actor is the right age to portray the Princess of Wales in her early thirties. 

Princess Diana

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How tall is Elizabeth Debicki and how tall was Princess Diana?

Elizabeth Debicki is a tall actor and is 6ft3in (1.91 m) tall. While the late Princess of Wales was also taller than the average woman, she was not quite as tall as Elizabeth. 

In real life, Princess Diana was 5ft10in (1.75m) tall. This is the same height as Prince Charles and the Princess would often look taller than her husband when she would wear high heels. 

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales in Seoul, South Korea

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Dominic West, who is playing Prince Charles in the series is 6ft0in (1.83m), this means that the two actors playing the real life royal couple will highlight the correct height difference between the couple when Diana wore heels.

The Crown

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What has Elizabeth Debicki said about playing Princess Diana in The Crown?

Elizabeth Debicki has opened up about playing the Princess of Wales and said she first thought about the role as a 'trap.'

In an interview with British Vogue, the actor said, "I think in the very beginning that did overwhelm me, the idea of this kind of collective [of Diana disciples] out there," she said. "It’s a trap, right? A swampy quagmire. So, I would stand over the kitchen sink and say, 'I cannot do this.'" However, soon Elizabeth changed her mind and appreciated the show as a work of fiction, "This isn’t meta. These are characters."

The Crown

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Speaking about the Royal Family, the actor said, "I don’t have any big opinions about the Royal Family. That’s an advantage here, right?" She then revealed that she had never met a royal and added, "Maybe I never will now. Prince Harry seems fun."

The actor also claimed, "The revenge dress was pressure." She added, "It’s a complex dress. I let the fittings happen around me while I thought about what the dress meant. Why this dress? She’d had it for two or three years. It was super risqué at the time." 

Elizabeth then praised Diana as she said, "She was claiming the space. The way she walked out of that car, the luminosity, the strength of her as that car door opened, she was so fast and so forward. It’s an extraordinary thing to watch. To decide what you’re saying about yourself through fashion… it was a currency. An incredibly powerful currency."

Elizabeth Debicki

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Is Elizabeth Debicki in a relationship?

Elizabeth Debicki is incredibly private about her personal life. It is believed that she dated a former co-star, Tom Hiddleston a few years ago. In 2018, she told Vogue Australia that she doesn't have social media, and prefers to be known for her work, as opposed to her private life.

"I’ve always been a private person," she said. "I feel like the thing I want out in the world is my work and I’ve always believed — and it’s the way I approach my work — that me and the work are separate. I think that people with social media can blur it so beautifully, and I respect that, but it’s not really how I am and I just want the work to speak and people to receive it the way they will without anything influencing it. I just want people to know me for my work," she said.

Elizabeth Debicki

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What else has Elizabeth Debicki starred in?

Elizabeth Debicki is probably most known for her film and television work. The star appered as a main character in The Night Manager alongside Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, Hugh Laurie, and Tom Hollander. In the series, Elizabeth played Jemima "Jed" Marshall, who was the love interest of the two main male characters in the show.

Elizabeth is also best known for her roles as Mopsy Rabbit in Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit 2, Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby, Catherine Barton in Tenet, Ayesha in The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. 

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