King Charles' afternoon tea habit that's rather surprising – but admirable

King Charles’ attitude towards afternoon tea has been revealed as a new strict policy is enforced at the palaces

King Charles' new policy involves cake - and it's for a good cause
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King Charles III has been passionate about sustainability well before it became the pressing concern it is today. The now King was advocating for environmental concerns as far back as 1970, so it’s no surprise he has brought in a strict policy at the royal palaces when it comes to wasting food – and it means he has a particular habit that is both impressive and a little peculiar.

From not eating lunch to being banned from eating several foods, royals have always had a quirky take on tucking in but with the latest reports coming from the palaces, “let them eat cake” takes on a whole new meaning.

The (misquoted) line from Marie Antoinette once represented the supposed gluttony and out-of-touch nature of royalty, but now King Charles and Queen Camilla are using cakes to address a very real concern shared by the masses.

As the world faces environmental concerns and food wastage in the UK alone is thought to total around 12 million tonnes, the King and Queen want to do their part to cut down on waste and encourage others to play their part, however small.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will eat the same cake every day until it's finished, to avoid food waste

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This is why, despite having access to the finer things in life at residences like Buckingham Palace and Highgrove, variety won’t be the spice of life for the royals going forward.

It’s reported in the Telegraph that the King is imposing a strict no waste policy – and it means they’ll be served the same slices of cake until that said cake is complete.

It’s part of a wider initiative, known as the Coronation Food Project, which will kick off during the King’s 75th birthday month in November.

The King donated a “substantial” six-figure amount to kickstart the project which will aim to serve hundreds of millions of meals across five years, redistributing millions of meals a year that would otherwise go to waste.

The King has passed on his interest in the environment to the likes of Prince William

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It’s no surprise that Charles is fixing his focus on these concerns.

At just 21 years old in 1970, Charles was an early advocate for raising concerns about the environment. In the speech, he warned of the threats from plastic waste and chemicals dumped into rivers and seas, and air pollution from industry, vehicles and planes.

This passion has been inherited by other members of the Royal Family, most notably Charles’ direct heir and oldest won, Prince William.

William established the Earthshot Prize to award innovators and pioneers who are coming up with solutions to climate and environment related issues across the globe.

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