Kate Middleton's 'sweetly bashful' moment with Prince William on Remembrance Day

The Prince and Princess shared a rather sweet moment at a Remembrance Day event

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At a Remembrance Day event over the weekend, Kate Middleton exhibited a "sweetly bashful" nature toward Prince William, according to a body language expert. 

On November 11, Prince William and Kate Middleton, wearing the same hat she wore from 2006, attended an event for Remembrance Day at London's famous venue, Royal Albert Hall. At the event, a life-sized bronze statue of both the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were unveiled, commemorating their dedication to Royal Albert Hall while they were alive. 

King Charles, of course, got emotional at this event, seeing the bronze statues of his parents unveiled at the event - but everyone was emotional at the honorable unveiling of the statue, including Kate Middleton and Prince William. 

Upon Prince William and Princess Kate's entrance, body language expert Judi James commented on their physicality, proving that Kate had a "sweetly bashful" nature to her. 

kate middleton

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"There’s a rather sweetly bashful look to William and Kate’s body language here," Judi said, according to The Sun, "with the intense puckering around his mouth forming a suppressed and rather boyish smile, while Kate is almost hiding behind her newly-layered hair."

She said that, with the important unveiling of the statues, the Prince and Princess indicated to not want to draw attention from the King and Queen. "With her hands folded in front of her torso the message seems to be that the couple intend to avoid upstaging the King and Queen at this event with this slightly more self-effacing body language," Judi continued. 

However, she did note that the Princess was wearing a very important set of pearls, which she indicated likely paid homage to the late Queen. 

"Kate appears to be making a very important and powerful homage to the late Queen though," she said. "Her dress is deceptively simple but apparently chosen to make a feature of the three-strand pearl necklace she is wearing."

Judi continued of the pearls, recalling that although they don't necessarily reflect Kate' usual personal style, it stands to reason that this is why they were all the more significant. 

"The pearls don’t look like Kate’s usual personal style but they are the ones worn by the late Queen as a signature statement piece that is immediately associated with her," she noted, adding that Kate's black outfit offered a striking contrast to the white pearls. "Against the plain black fabric the effect is dramatic and is a deliberate and very poignant reminder of her much-loved mother-in-law on a day when she will be badly missed." 

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