Kate Middleton and Roger Federer's chat over 'hard' Wimbledon struggle revealed by lip reader

A lip reader has deciphered what Kate Middleton and Roger Federer chatted about in the Royal Box at Wimbledon 2023

Kate Middleton and Roger Federer's chat Wimbledon 2023
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Kate Middleton and Roger Federer's chat about one particularly 'hard' Wimbledon struggle has been deciphered by a lip reader after the pair reunited in the Royal Box on Day Two of the tennis tournament. 

Avid tennis fan Kate Middleton and world-famous Wimbledon champion Roger Federer reunited to sit side by side on Day Two of Wimbledon 2023, chatting away as they came together to watch Andy Murray and Ryan Peniston play in the Men's Singles match. 

The duo are known to be on good terms, having teamed up last month to celebrate the Wimbledon ball boys and girls, with Roger giving Kate a telling off for breaking rules as she took to the court. 

Despite the fact Roger seemingly broke royal protocol as he greeted Kate before the second-day match, he and Princess Catherine, who wore a Princess Diana-inspired outfit for the sporty outing, were engrossed in conversation in the Royal Box, with a lip reader having analyzed their talks. 

Kate Middleton and Roger Federer's chat

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After moments of Catherine and Roger's interaction were seen on camera in the BBC Wimbledon coverage, a lip reading professional told the Mirror that they had discussed the struggle of telling players apart in their tennis attire. 

The analyst told the publication that Roger said, "The problem with here [gesturing to the court in front of him] is that all the players might have something similar....yeah...so. Also you can see when they play each other, they are basically wearing the same outfit, you know what I mean."

Kate Middleton and Roger Federer's chat

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Princess Catherine is said to have chipped in to say, "The same outfit," before adding, "I mean it is hard when you’re all wearing white, it’s hard to identify each individual person."

"That’s why I was hoping they would bring back a little bit more colour," Roger then replied, explaining, "You know just a few more details, something exciting and just to add a bit more personality."

Kate Middleton and Roger Federer's chat

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The Prince and Princess of Wales are believed to be good friends with Roger and hsi wife Mirka, with the tennis star even having given Prince George some training sessions in the past. 

After he progressed to the second round of Wimbledon 2022, Roger reportedly called Prince George "cute" and said he had "good" skills on the court.

Touching on the future King's tennis abilities, Roger added, "At that stage it's all about just touch[ing] the ball, it's already good. 

"Same with my boys. I think I have a little advantage that I actually spent some time, you know, with him."

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