How the Queen's physical 'limitations' could impact her work schedule ahead of Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The Queen may not attend the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service later this month, a royal expert has warned

How the Queen's 'limitations' may impact her work schedule
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The Queen's physical 'limitations' will likely have an effect on her work schedule for the foreseeable future, a royal expert has claimed. 

The Queen will likely reduce her work hours as she approaches her 96th birthday next month, a royal insider has claimed. 

The royal icon has continued to head the Crown with dignity and vigor in spite of her advanced age, becoming the first-ever British monarch to reach a Platinum Jubilee in February. 

Her work ethic has been made all the more impressive by her handling of her recent health issues, which have seen her using mobility aids at royal events and even being admitted to hospital overnight. 

It was also revealed that the Queen had Covid earlier this month, much to the alarm of her devout fans. Fortunately, Her Majesty has recovered and returned to her office at Windsor Castle, just nine days after testing positive for the virus. 

Queen's special bond

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Buckingham Palace reassured the public that she was feeling well enough to complete 'light duties' following the infection—sparking hope that the 95-year-old would be back to regular business sooner rather than later. This excitement only grew after photos of the Queen without her walking stick were released earlier this week. 

It looks improbable, however, that Her Majesty will ever return to the full-time hours she once observed. The Queen has canceled more appearances due to illness in the last few months than she has in her entire royal career, suggesting she no longer has the stamina to maintain her historically hectic schedule.  


The Queen has been mainly doing virtual engagements from Windsor Castle over the past couple of weeks 

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It's even been predicted that the great-grandmother may not attend the late Prince Philip's memorial service at Westminster Abbey on 29 March, in light of her recent health issues. 

“You have to be realistic. [She is] just weeks away from 96, she has accepted her own limitations," Russell Myers, Daily Mirror Royal Editor, told The Royal Beat. 

"She’s having issues moving around, [and is] described by people at the Palace as having good days and less good days." 

As for the possibility that the Queen will retire (or in royal-speak, abdicate the throne), Myers believes it's unlikely. 

"I don’t think we’ll ever see her step back, but we probably will see her less and less. Will she make Prince Philip’s memorial service in a few days? That’s in the balance." 

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