How Prince Charles' last-minute phone call to the Queen convinced her to attend this iconic jubilee moment

Prince Charles' last-minute phone call to the Queen encouraged the Queen to attend this momentous event just hours before it began

Prince Charles and the Queen
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It has been revealed by a royal source that the Queen received a last-minute phone call from her son Prince Charles, who convinced her to attend one of the most talked-about moments of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee consisted of a variety of tributes, performances, royal gun salutes, beacon lightings, and church services, but due to Her Majesty's episodic mobility issues, she was not in attendance for all of these events. 

It has now been revealed that Her Majesty almost missed one of the most iconic events of them all, the Royal Family's balcony appearance during the Jubilee Pageant. But fortunately, one of the Queen's children was able to convince Her Majesty that she wouldn't want to miss this event.

A source told the Daily Mail, "The Queen only decided that she would go to London about three hours before the balcony appearance."

The source revealed that the Queen wasn't feeling great but was convinced by Prince Charles to go. "She was not feeling brilliant but the Prince of Wales had called her and told her she really ought to come if she could. He told her there were so many people desperate to see her and he convinced her to come," said the source.

Queen's jubilee

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The source added that this was most definitely the right decision for the Queen who was stunned by the support from royal fans when she stepped out at Buckingham Palace.

"The Queen was totally overwhelmed by the number of people waiting to see her – she had tears in her eyes before she stepped out on the balcony," revealed the source.

Prince Charles and the Queen

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Following this jubilee extravaganza, the royal insider revealed that the Queen will most likely be taking a step back from in-person public appearances, and opt to meet people virtually from the comfort of her home at Windsor Castle.

"Over time, the Queen will revert to becoming a more virtual Queen with digital appearances and video calls," said the source. "After everything that’s happened this year and the success of the Jubilee, I can’t think that anyone would begrudge our 96-year-old Sovereign a well-deserved break," they added.

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