Duchess Catherine faces huge pressure as she is hailed 'royal saviour'

(Image credit: Joe Giddens)

Duchess Catherine has been branded the next 'royal saviour' by an expert as she faces mounting pressure as the future 'centre of the Royal Family.'

Why is Duchess Catherine under pressure?

According to royal commentator Antonio Caprarica, pressure will be increasingly mounting on Duchess Catherine as she prepares for her future role.

Kate has been praised for her commitment to her royal duties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Antonio told Io Donna's podcast God Save the Queen: "I said before the dynasty has been saved by the women.

"And the next saviour will be Kate.

"If one pays attention, through the history of this family, women are vital.

"Victoria reigned nearly 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II is at nearly 68 years of reign.

"When the Queen is no longer there, it's clear the centre of the Royal Family will be Kate."

He added, "She's got charisma, beauty, poise and intelligence. So many nice things you need to be a Queen nowadays.

"It will once again be a woman who guarantees the survival of the dynasty."

But Antonio believes Kate's husband, future King Prince William is quite different from his predecessors.

He said, "I must point out William has absolutely none of those dissolute, libertine traits that characterised his male ancestors.

"All of them, from the first Hanoverian George I to, yes, Prince Charles."

While Kate has also been compared to Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip.

Commentator Erin Hill said, "Like Philip, she’s able to know her role as a supportive actor, she never tries to outshine William."

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