Diana: The Musical trailer sparks backlash from royal fans—'a line was crossed'

Diana: The Musical's trailer has stirred some serious controversy

Diana: The Musical trailer sparks backlash from royal fans—'a line was crossed'
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The trailer for Diana: The Musical has been met by strong criticism, with many royal fans slamming its tone as inappropriate. 

The teaser for Diana: The Musical, which will stream on Netflix before opening to theatre audiences in the fall, has caused widespread outrage within the royal fanbase. 

The trailer for the Broadway production depicts the late Princess Diana, played by Jeanna de Waal, as she navigates the trials and tribulations of life in the Royal Family. 

In the short clip, the New York stage actor belts out the lyrics, "Frenzy fills the night, a lonely girl aswirl, lost in blinding light," in a clear reference to Diana's struggles to adjust to international fame following her high-profile wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. 

She can also be seen curtseying the Queen, played by Broadway veteran Judy Kaye, and gazing lovingly at her newborn baby with the Prince of Wales. A line-up of her iconic outfits is shown, including the legendary Princess Diana wedding dress and her famous black revenge gown. 

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The stage production appears to pay tribute to the late royal's journey from timid nanny to independent powerhouse through the medium of music and dance, with Netflix calling it a celebration of "the life and legacy of Princess Diana." 

However, not everyone has taken it that way. The trailer has been met by an outpouring of complaints, with many royal fans taking to Twitter to criticize the musical adaptation of Diana's life. 

"Don't get me wrong, I adore documentaries and films about Princess Diana and have watched plenty, but something about this being a musical feels gross. It feels like a line was crossed that I didn't even know was there," one person said. 

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"I feel like it's too soon to make a musical about this..... right? I know Evita was also pretty soon, but she died from a disease, not a tragic 'accident'...." another fan commented. 

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The release of the trailer comes just a week after Spencer, Kristin Stewart's biopic of Diana's life, premiered at Venice Film Festival. 

Diana: The Musical will hit Netflix on 1 October.

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