Dame Helen Mirren's stark warning to the Queen - 'we are investigating a very difficult time in your life. I hope it’s not too awful for you'

Helen Mirren's stark warning to Her Majesty has been revealed...

Helen Mirren's stark warning
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Helen Mirren's stark warning to the Queen was revealed in a recent interview with the Hollywood actress who once portrayed Her Majesty in the 2006 film The Queen.

In an interview with Radio Times, Dame Helen Mirren spoke openly about the Queen's reaction to the news that she would be playing her in the 2006 film. Helen said that she wrote to the Queen to inform her that she would be portraying her in an upcoming film that would cover a very painful part of her history.

"I realized we were investigating a profoundly painful part of her life, so I wrote to her. How do you write to your queen? Was it Madam, or Your Highness, or Your Majesty? I said, 'We are doing this film. We are investigating a very difficult time in your life. I hope it’s not too awful for you'," said Helen. 

The actress then revealed that as she learned more about the Queen, she had more respect for her as a monarch. "I can’t remember how I put it. I just said that in my research I found myself with a growing respect for her, and I just wanted to say that," said Helen.

The actress revealed that the Queen didn't personally reply to her letter, but a secretary did and the actress still had a sense of relief knowing that her message had been relayed to Her Majesty. "She didn’t write back, of course, but her secretary did. You know, 'Yours sincerely, da di da di da,' on behalf of the Queen. I was very relieved subsequently that I had written that letter," said Helen.

The Queen

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The actress revealed that she was also surprised when she saw some of her costumes for the role as she found them quite unattractive. "I cried, I really did, when I first saw them. Not so much, ‘do I have to wear them?’ but, ‘do I have to play someone who would wear clothes like this?'" said Helen.

The star added that the clothes were well made, but showed the Queen's relaxed fashion sense. "But they were so beautifully made. And they showed the Queen had no vanity at all. She is happiest grabbing a shirt, pulling on another terrible cardigan, a tweedy skirt, comfortable shoes, and a rain mac and she’s off," said the actress.


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In the historical drama, the Queen’s night-time habit was brought to life by Helen Mirren as the actress' attention to detail was immaculate. Reportedly the Queen has 'seen and appreciated' this film, which could be down to Helen's dedication to the role.

Since the film was released, the Queen has still played a big part in Helen's work and the two appear to have struck up a working relationship of sorts. Helen appeared in the Platinum Jubilee Pageant as she played Elizabeth I and performed Her Majesty's famous speech to the troops at Tilbury.

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