2023 predictions for the Royal Family from psychics who correctly predicted the Queen’s death, Trump’s presidency and the coronavirus pandemic

Different psychics predict good things for King Charles, but less promising news for Harry and Meghan

What could 2023 have in store for the Royal Family?
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A psychic dubbed the “new Nostradamus” has revealed his predictions for the Royal Family in 2023. The psychic, who claims to have correctly predicted the likes of the Queen’s dying, the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic and even, more recently and perhaps more specifically, a vision to do with King Charles and eggs right before the monarch had protesters hurl some at him, has made some hefty claims for the royal’s upcoming year. Charles’ first year as King will go smoothly, but the outlook is much bleaker for Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Whether you pay no mind to psychics, horoscopes and other unexplained phenomena, Craig Hamilton-Parker has got enough successes in his career to silence some doubters. If it really is spiritual or if he’s just very good at educated guesses, the man nicknamed the “new Nostradamus” has correctly predicted things such as the Queen dying, the outbreak of coronavirus and Donald Trump becoming President.

So, what does he see for the Royal Family in the coming years?

King Charles will be "a reforming king"

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It’s promising news for King Charles.  Predicting a smooth first full year under the Carolean era, Craig says, “I see him as being a reforming king. Doing this not just to appeal to the British people but with a worldwide remit in mind by keeping Australia on board for example.”

However, Charles’ coronation in May could come with some hiccups.

“I get some strange feelings about the coronation itself and about what they call the stone of scone. The stone of scone was used during the old coronation of the Scottish kings that was stolen by Edward and brought back to Westminster and only in recent years was it given back to the Scots.”

“I have…feelings about some kind of protest or someone trying to steal the stone.”

meghan markle and prince harry could "fracture", according to a psychic

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As for Meghan Markle, Craig sees a big career move for the Duchess of Sussex, predicting she will land her own Oprah Winfrey-esque show.

While that’s definitely news worth celebrating, it’s not all good news for the Sussexes.

Craig also predicts Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry will begin to fracture and they’ll eventually break-up, leading Harry to become a “deeply troubled” man.

As for Catherine, Princess of Wales, she’ll perform a “touching” act which could put her at risk but will see her crowned as the new “star” in the Royal Family.

2023 could be even worse for Prince Andrew. Before Christmas, it was reported that Charles had evicted him from Buckingham Palace, and Craig sees things getting tougher for the outcast royal.

Craig said, “In a deep meditation state recently…Prince Andrew appeared and something awful happened to him. I think he will go through a psychological breakdown and it really hits him with the death of his mother and I see King Charles turning against him.”

Prince Andrew will no longer be allowed to use Buckingham Palace for official business and correspondence

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Another fortune teller, Jemima Packington, has had similar accurate predictions in the past including Brexit and Harry and Meghan stepping down as senior royals, and she's seen more royal babies for 2023. 

She claims to have divine knowledge of the future by tossing spears of asparagus into the air and interpreting how they land. In 2019, she correctly predicted cricket success for England, Big Brother returning to our screens and musical A Star is Born winning an Oscar.

She sees a health scare for Princess Anne, and a new royal baby, according to reports. 

Only time will tell is any of these predictions will come true.

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