King Charles makes a shocking decision regarding Prince Andrew’s future

King Charles is doubling down on his promise to streamline the Royal Family with this decision regarding Andrew

Charles has evicted Prince Andrew, according to reports
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King Charles has reportedly evicted Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace. Andrew, the Duke of York, does not use the palace as a residence but he has an office there. Even after stepping down from public duties this year, Andrew held onto skeleton staff and maintained an official presence at the palace, but the King has reportedly put an end to that now. The decision supports the long held thought that Charles wants to streamline the monarchy to just working, senior members only.

What’s Christmas without a bit of family tension? While it’s reported the Royal Family will all reunite this Christmas, including a surprising guest who hasn’t been invited in over 30 years, the news that King Charles is reportedly evicting Prince Andrew out of Buckingham Palace could make for an awkward time.

Andrew does not actually live at the palace, living at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, but he used Buckingham Palace as an official office.

After Charles’ decision, the Duke of York will no longer have an office there or be allowed to use it as a corresponding address.

Prince Andrew will no longer be allowed to use Buckingham Palace for official business and correspondence

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“Any presence at the Palace is officially over,” a source was quoted as telling The Sun. “The King has made it clear. He isn't a working royal. He's on his own.”

Andrew has held on to a skeleton staff there after stepping down from public duties following the fallout from his BBC interview with Emily Maitlis, where he was questioned about his friendship with convicted paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Earlier this year, Andrew paid millions to settle a US civil case brought by his accuser Virginia Giuffre, though it’s important to note he continues to deny all allegations and his settlement did not include an admission of guilt.

This is a final blow to Prince Andrew and any potential return to life as a working royal.

This could be a final blow to Prince Andrew, who reportedly wanted to make a return to royal duties in the future

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Earlier this week, Andrew’s former title of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards went to Queen Consort Camilla.

In what was surely a sting, Andrew lost the prestigious role at the start of the year, when he was stripped of all honorary military titles and patronages, and removed from nearly all facets of royal life.

It’s thought that the colonelcy was his most coveted title. It is considered the most senior of the five Foot Guards regimental colonelcies.

He reportedly later pleaded with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to be reinstated.

Camilla, the Queen Consort, this week becomes the second ever female Colonel in the Grenadier Guards’ 366-year history. The only other woman to hold the title was the late Queen herself. She held the title when she was Princess Elizabeth, between 1942 until 1952, when she ascended to the throne.

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