President Biden reveals the White House dogs' special privilege

The White House dogs, Champ and Major Biden, have been granted an exclusive privilege by the president himself

Joe Biden reveals White House dogs' privileges
(Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President Biden’s German Shepherds may only be six weeks into their Washington DC residency, but it looks like they’ve already earned some serious privileges at their plush new digs. 

The adorable dogs, who officially moved into the White House last month, have reportedly had no issues adapting to their change in scenery. Champ, the older of the canine pair, has settled nicely into his retirement surroundings, enjoying lazy evenings by the fireplace while the younger Major explores the sprawling gardens of its outdoor grounds. 

“They're really good dogs," Jill Biden told People magazine in January. 

“We trained them well from the beginning,” added President Biden. 

Dr. Jill also revealed that there is one rule the White House dogs must follow but admitted that she doesn't really need to enforce it. 

With such good behavior, it’s no wonder that President Joe and Dr. Jill have afforded the furry duo some major perks in their new house. As well as access to the property’s spacious South Lawn and cozy fireside beds, the dogs are free to visit the Oval Office whenever they please. 

“Not many people have Oval Office walk-in privileges. Happy to report that these two are on the list,” President Biden revealed in an adorable Twitter post on Tuesday. 

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It looks like the dogs are even allowed to stay in the iconic conference room for high-profile meetings. Champ, who joined the Biden family in 2008, was recently pictured opposite the President during a discussion with White House advisors. 

His welcome presence comes as no surprise - the politically savvy dog had been by Biden’s side throughout his tenure as Vice President in the Obama administration. Champ may not be able to verbally contribute at meetings, but with his ears pricked up and tongue hanging out, we think it's safe to say he was fully engaged in the important session. 

Major was nowhere to be seen in the photo, but it’s likely that he was caught up in something a bit more exciting. The rescue dog, who was adopted by the Biden family in 2018, is known for his energetic spirit and clumsy disposition. 

He even managed to accidentally injure President Biden last year, inflicting his right foot with hairline fractures and placing his human pal in a walking boot. Despite this transgression, Major’s Oval Office privileges have remained firmly in place. 

It looks like Biden is more of a softie than we'd thought. 

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