Plan The Perfect Celebration!

What do you recommend is the starting point if you’re planning a big celebration?

Choosing your date and securing a venue is an essential starting point for large celebrations. Many big party venues also cater for weddings, so are likely to be booked up well in advance! You can then plan your theme and decorations around the style of the venue.

Has there been any recent shift in trends around large celebrations?

Party Pieces customers are becoming more and more adventurous with their party planning. Long gone are the days of general celebrations with minimal decoration; in their place stand amazing parties planned tightly around fantastic themes – things like Narnia, Roaring Twenties, or Alice in Wonderland, which is fabulous for a fun tea party with a pretty vintage feel, which could work for both children’s and adult parties too.

Where do you get inspiration for your products?

The majority of our suppliers are based in the UK but source inspiration for ranges from all over the world. Our porcelain blue partyware for example is influenced by classic French style and the summer months will bring collections inspired by the tropics. We not only keep an eye on party trends, fashion trends also allow us to forecast what may become popular.

What are the biggest sellers for special occasions such as key birthdays or anniversaries?

For milestone Birthdays personalisation is always a winner. Customers can add ages and special messages to personalised banners in a range of styles or go all out with giant foil number balloons! Classic decorations such as pom poms, bunting and honeycomb decorations are always popular whatever the occasion, they’re the perfect piece to complement any theme.

What do you think makes a real impact for a special event?

Little can go wrong when you stick closely to your party theme – the end result is guaranteed to impress. For real impact follow your theme through to every detail from decorations and dress code to menu and tableware.

What can you recommend that adds a special touch?

It’s the personal touches that keep guests talking about your party for years to come. A photo montage of the Birthday boy or girl is a classic; give it a retro timeline feel by attaching polaroid prints to twine in chronological order.

Any other key advice for organisers?
It’s very easy to get carried away with party planning, keep your plans realistic to avoid extra stress or disappointment at a later stage when your plans don’t come together. I always think a relaxed host is a happy host, so try and enjoy the planning as much as the actual event.

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