Ten Years Of YouTube Hits

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  • This month marks YouTube’s tenth year of distributing originally created videos across the web. As well as official videos and film trailers, it provides a forum where the general public can share their home videos and is renowned for its ability to make the most ordinary of situations go viral. From a misbehaving dog at a park in Jesus Christ In Richmond Park to old fashioned sibling rivalry caught on camera in Charlie Bit My Finger, it’s a phenomenon that attracts billions of people everyday. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, we’ve pulled together five videos that summarise what we love YouTube for.

    1. For scouting child superstars

    When Sophia Grace Brownlee, 8 and Rosie McClelland, uploaded a video of themselves singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, it wasn’t any ordinary video of girls dancing around in princess dresses. It was picked up by American TV show presenter Ellen DeGeneres who invited them into her studio to perform with Nicki Minaj.


    2. For the rise of feline celebrity culture

    Recent statistics claim that in Britain, we upload more videos and photos of our cats than we do selfies. Type ‘cats’ into the YouTube search bar and these statistics certainly seem accurate. You’ll find pages upon pages of videos uploaded by beloved cat owners. Here is one of our favourites:

    3. For sparking global change

    When Good Will Ambassador Emma Watson launched the #heforshe campaign, a movement fighting for greater gender equality, her emotional speech reached over a million hits.

    4. For capturing beauty faux pas

    When Tori Locklear began filming her instructive beauty video on how to achieve luscious curly locks, she underestimated the power of the curling tong…


    5. For the vlogging (or video blogging) epidemic

    Professional make up artist to the stars, Lisa Eldridge, launched her own YouTube channel in 2014. With over twenty years of experience in beauty and cosmetics, she uses her channel as a platform to share her expert make up tutorials and tips. From highly sought after advice on how to cover problematic skin such as acne or Rosacea, to ways to achieve iconic looks and the latest trends, her ‘no make-up make-up’ tutorial has been viewed by over two million people.

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