Why Giuseppe deserved to win the Great British Bake Off 2021

Bake Off viewers have been shocked as Giuseppe has won the competition instead of Chigs but here's why Giuseppe deserved his win

Bake Off Giuseppe
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Bake Off viewers were shocked as Giuseppe won the finale of the Great British Bake Off despite burning his buns in the technical, however, we think the baker was a perfect choice.

Some fans were desperate for Chigs to win the Bake Off and have been utterly distraught that the winner of the Great British Bake Off final was Giuseppe. 

"How Chigs didn’t win after this beats me #Robbed #GBBO," said one fan who was disappointed that Giuseppe won the show.

"How the hell did Chigs not win?! I love Giuseppe but in that final Chigs was the outright winner, seems like they didn't even take the final into account for the decision, they'd already decided who they wanted and that was it #GreatBritishBakeOff #BakeOff #GBBO #GBBOFinal," said another.

"Love Giuseppe but thought Chigs should have won if it was just going off those last 3 bakes #GBBOFinal," said another.

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In the final Giuseppe had a string of bad luck, the poor baker accidentally left the oven open and it didn't heat, his buns burnt even though he carefully watched them bake, and his carrot cake wouldn't cool in time so his icing melted. 

It seems that this week, the nerves well and truly got to the baker and he managed to make silly mistakes at every turn.

Similarly, Crystelle gave the judges completely raw focaccia as her centerpiece of her Mad Hatter's tea party, and Chigs presented the bakers with fat underbaked Belgian buns after her cut the pastry the wrong way in the technical challenge. 

All three bakers made silly mistakes which put them on a pretty even playing field for the final. Ultimately, Chigs or Crystelle probably had a better week but as we know the final winner of the Bake Off has to have to perform consistently and not just on the last week.

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Giuseppe's performance week in and week out was second to none. For a long time, it was presumed by fans that Jürgen or Giuseppe would be the winner of the Great British Bake Off. 

This is because both of these bakers were front runners from the beginning and showed their immense talent when it came to both inventive new recipes and nailing the classic bakes.

Although Giuseppe may have stumbled at the last hurdle, he is certainly a worthy winner and although some fans were surprised he won, many were not disappointed.

"Massive congratulations to Giuseppe, he has been consistently brilliant. My fave was Crytelle, but I thought Chigs was going to nick it. Brilliant series. Well done to all. Congratulations," said one fan.

"They were 3 good bakers And well done Giuseppe but Paul always said it's about the performance over the 1 show! In that case the best baker on the day didn't win," said another.

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At the end of the show, we discovered that the Italian baker is now living in Milan for work and plans to produce a classic Italian cookbook with his father. 

After seeing his incredible talent in the tent, this cookbook is sure to be a huge hit and fans are excited to learn more about Giuseppe and see him back in action running around his kitchen once more.

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