Why Dawn French Can’t Stop Smiling! She Explains All In Our New Issue

Living life to the full every second that she can, Dawn French sparkles with energy as she poses for our September issue of woman & home.

The comedian, author and actress has had us laughing ever since she first appeared on our screens all those years ago, and thankfully has no plans on stopping anytime soon!

‘You feel more alive and more energised the more you do,’ she reveals in our exclusive interview. ‘So I’m not going to be lazy and I’m not going to lay back until I absolutely have to.

‘I say live every moment as big as you can because every minute matters.’

Looking absolutely incredible as our cover star this month, Dawn highlights the importance of accepting who you are, ‘we’re obsessed with our physicality now and I get very bored with it,’ she admits. ‘It’s important to accept your body whatever shape it’s in. I want to get on with my actual life and not worry about it.

‘I’ve never had a problem making jokes about my body. In French and Saunders I was just as happy to dress as an old hag or walk around in a swimming costume!’

And it’s not just her body that she’s more than happy to accept: ‘When it comes to ageing I’ve got no choice about it. I’m fascinated by the way people change and the things that fall off. As long as i can still get about, I’ll be happy.’

Dawn, 56, is currently touring the UK with her solo show 30 Million Minutes, a one-woman show based on her life and career. Watch an exclusive preview of the show below. And why not join w&h’s Editorial Director, Sue James, for a drink after the performance in Bristol? Here’s your special invitation.

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