Who is in the cast of ITV's Viewpoint—and why do they look so familiar?

The cast of ITV’s Viewpoint has many familiar faces, here is where you may recognise them from

The cast of ITV's Viewpoint
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Here's everything you need to know about the cast of ITV's Viewpoint and where you may recognize these familiar faces from.

We are all guilty of loving a bit of crime drama, and if Unforgotten and Line of Duty have left you wanting for more action and danger entertainment, then ITV’s new drama thriller, Viewpoint might just scratch that itch. 

The five-part drama follows a police investigation of a tight-knit Manchester community following the disappearance of a primary school teacher. The series isn’t finished, but already the show has a solid fanbase and many fans are asking the same questions about this series. So here is everything that you may want to know about the new ITV drama including the big question: Who is in the cast of ITV's Viewpoint—And why do they look so familiar? 

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The cast of ITV's Viewpoint in full 

Noel Clarke as DC Martin Young

The main character, and lead member of the cast of ITV's Viewpoint, is Noel Clarke who plays DC Martin Young. DC Young has a troubled past and is the lead surveillance detective tasked with finding information about a missing primary school teacher. 

Noel became a household name for his role as Rose Tyler's boyfriend, Mickey Smith, in Doctor Who. Noel has continued to rise to fame and has starred in blockbusters like Star Trek into Darkness and the TV series Bulletproof.

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Alexandra Roach as Zoe Sterling 

Alexandra Roach plays Zoe Sterling, the single mum and secret voyeur who hosts DC Young in her flat for his secret surveillance investigation. You may recognize Zoe Sterling from her various roles in TV series such as Death in Paradise, Killing Eve (as Rhian), and Sanditon (as Diana Parker), but the star has also featured in films such as Anna Karenina and The Iron Lady.

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Fehinti Balogun as Greg Sullivan

Fehinti Balogun plays Greg Sullivan, the boyfriend of Gemma Hillman who has mysteriously disappeared. Fehinti recently played Damon in I May Destroy You and notably featured in the film Juliet Naked and TV series Informer. 

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Catherine Tydesley as Kate Tuckman

Catherine Tyldesley plays Kate Tuckman, a mother whose daughter was taught by the missing primary school teacher. Catherine Tyldesley came to fame on Coronation Street and has since starred in other TV series such as Emmerdale and Trollied.

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Bronagh Waugh as DC Stella Beckett

Bronagh Waugh plays DC Stella Beckett, DC Young's partner. She is best known for her role in The Fall as a mass murder's wife, Sally Ann Spector. She also starred in Season 3 of Unforgotten as Jessica Reid. 

However, Bronagh did NOT star in Bridgerton as Prudence Featherington. This seems to be a common mistake among fans, but Prudence Featherington was in fact played by Bessie Carter who is similar looking, but an entirely different actress.

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Phil Davis as DI Fox

Phil Davis who plays DI Liam Fox. DI Fox heads up the police surveillance team that DC Beckett and DC Young report to. Phil Davis has had a long clear in British television and has starred in shows such as Sherlock, Silent Witness, Mad Dogs, and Poldark.

Shannon Murray as DC Haley Jones

Shannon Murray plays DC Hayley Jones who is DC Young's former partner with whom he shares a traumatic history. You may recognize Shannon Murray from other series such as EastEnders, Silent Witness, and Get Even.

Sarah Niles as DCI Jill Conroy

Sarah Niles plays DCI Jill Conroy, who is the Detective Chief Inspector at the CID where DC Young used to work. You may recognize Sarah from her recent roles in I May Destroy You (as Officer Funmi), Catastrophe, and Beautiful People. 

How many episodes are there of ITV's Viewpoint?

In total there will be five hour-long episodes of ITV's Viewpoint. The miniseries began on Monday 26th April 2021 and a new episode will air every weeknight, until the series concludes on Friday 30th April 2021. 

Where can I watch ITV's Viewpoint?

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