Where is I Came By filmed? The real-life locations behind the eerie thriller

I Came By topped the Netflix film chart after its release, but where is I Came By filmed and why is its location so important?

I Came By finale scene starring Hugh Bonneville
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I Came By is the hit Netflix show with a dark and twisty story line that keeps viewers guessing until the end. The story revolves around graffiti artists Toby and Jay, who break into the homes of wealthy Londoners and scribe, 'I Came By' on their walls in a protest against inequality in the Capital. 

I Came By stars Hugh Bonneville, who we all know from the latest Downton Abbey movie and feel-good family film Paddington, in a very different role. He plays Sir Hector Blake, a menacing retired London judge who uses his power to manipulate the vulnerable. The thriller quickly bagged the number one spot in the platform’s UK film charts, with the I Came By ending perplexing viewers with its chilling final scenes. 

Like previous Netflix thriller Anatomy of a Scandal before it, much of the action is filmed in Greater London and Surrey. But what was the thinking behind those chilling I Came By locations? And which parts of London were used to set the scene for this harrowing tale?

Where is I Came By filmed?

I Came By was filmed entirely in Greater London, with a few scenes taking place in Surrey. Percelle Ascott, who plays graffiti artist Jay, revealed in an interview with Yahoo News UK how he and co-star George MacKay connected with the London location, as it's where they both grew up.

“There was one particular location that was a school my grandfather went to, so again it was just nice to have that experience of filming in your London," Percelle explained. "We were talking about where these boys were from and finding that London, and really talking about the kind of graffiti background and all the kinds of choices that that make these characters, basically."

Percelle continued to say how I Came By locations show the real "London we all know". He said, "You kind of get a couple of postcard moments, but it isn't all the London Eye and Big Ben. It feels very grounded in the London that we know."

While co-star George added, "That's what the film is looking at. It's so multi-dimensional in terms of all social aspects of it. London feels like the perfect setting because we all live on top of each other and intertwined. That melting pot feels particularly true of this city."

Will there be a sequel to I Came By?

Currently, there are no reported plans for a sequel to I Came By, but as the film has just been released on Netflix, that comes as no surprise. Popular Netflix films have typically had sequels in the past, but due to the way I Came By ends, it's currently looking unlikely that producers would need to be add any more to the story line. 

The ending of I Came By received mixed reviews from the Netflix audience, with some praising the dark thriller.

"Just finished #ICameBy I watched it in one sitting. This film is very captivating. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I haven’t seen such a compelling thriller film like this in a while aside from Anatomy of a Scandal which is also quite nice. Highly recommended," wrote one fan.

While another said, "If you want a thriller that is absolutely not predictable at all then watch #ICameBy it's all a surprise which is so hard to do these days."

While another viewer said, "Hmmmm.... Parts of it are good..... Some parts are bang average."

I Came By is available to watch on Netflix now.

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