‘True Crime on Channel 4’ is the perfect new streaming service for true crime fans

Channel 4 announce ‘True Crime on Channel 4’ streaming service is set to launch

True Crime on Channel 4
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Channel 4 has launched a new network that is set to be streamed across All 4 and will host all of Channel 4’s best true-crime drama.

Channel 4 has shown some fantastic true crime documentaries in recent years. Due to their success with gripping shows such as 24 Hours in Police Custody and Murder in the Outback, the channel has decided to create a dedicated space exclusively for true crime fans and we can't wait!

Head of Factual at Channel 4, Danny Horan, said, “We are incredibly proud to have some of the best original crime programs on 4. Year on year the quality rises, as does the appetite for more stories particularly with younger audiences."

“In response to the demand, my team working with the Content Strategy and Planning team, have spent the last year curating brilliant international crime content to complement our British programming." 

“We are thrilled to launch True Crime on 4, the first dedicated, cross-platform crime content strand on a UK PSB.”

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True Crime on Channel 4

24 Hours in Police Custody

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True Crime on Channel 4 has also gained the rights to show A+E Networks documentaries Surviving R. Kelly, and Surviving Jeffery Epstein, which will be streamed for free, for the first time in the UK.

And from Arrow Pictures, Channel 4 obtained the rights to stream I, Sniper: The Washington Killers.

Channel 4 said that the six-part series, "is the minute-by-minute account of the 2002 Washington DC Sniper case, one of the most terrifying crimes in recent history."

True Crime on Channel 4 has also made deals with VICE and will show on their platform, The Devil You Know Series 2 and The Dark Side of the Ring Series 3.

True Crime on Channel 4

Surviving R Kelly

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As well as streaming popular true crime content, the new streaming service will also feature two brand new commissions, Murder in the Alps and Bling Ring. 

Channel 4 said, “Murder in the Alps (working title) is a three-part series about the murders of the Al-Hilli family and Sylvain Mollier, in Chevaline on the 5th of September 2012.” The show looks at the unsolved murder of the family and explores possible theories.

Bling Ring is another new commission. Channel 4 said, “the 3-part series from Double Act will lift the lid on one of most infamous crime sprees of the internet age.

 Between October 2008 and August 2009 a wave of burglaries took place in some of the richest suburbs of LA. Dubbed the ‘Bling Ring’ by reporters, the thieves stole over $3m worth of cash, art, designer goods, and jewelry from A-List celebrities including Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan.”

Channel 4 has said that the new streaming service will launch on All 4 and across the Channel 4 network this Autumn—hopefully early Autumn so we don't have to wait too long.

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