The Traitors Celebrity Special: What we know about so far amid rumours of a star-studded version

Amid rumours that a celebrity version of The Traitors will come to the BBC, here's what we know about the star-studded spin off

Claudia Winkelman in The Traitors
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Is The Traitors Celebrity Special really set to take place? Here's what we know amid rumours that a star-studded version of the smash hit game show is on the way. 

Since the release of The Traitors UK season 2 just a few weeks ago, the rumour mill has been turning as reports have emerged that the BBC might be considering a celebrity version of the show. This has only been fuelled by the fact that The Traitors US season 2 has cast only famous faces including Love Island's Ekin-Su Culculoglu and former MP John Bercow.

Of course, the show has been a huge hit globally with versions existing across the world but is this celebrity special just a rumour or could it be the next huge hit from the BBC? Here's what there is to know so far...

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors

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Will there be a celebrity special of The Traitors?

It has been reported that The Traitors may be set to have a version with UK celebrities. A source told The Sun, "Bosses want big names as the show is getting big viewing figures, and they know they’ll have plenty to choose from as The Traitors has huge fans within the showbiz world."

"But they also want stars who are likely to be great game-players and who have great survival skills, the ability to double-cross or a way of sniffing out a back-stabber. Rumours of a celebrity series have naturally swirled since The Traitors launched in 2022 and the show became an instant hit - but they have been unfounded ­gossip until now," the sources said. "The BBC wanted to establish the ‘civilian’ version of the show before considering a celeb spin-off."

"The fact that the first two series have proved such a success has ­convinced them that now is the right time. Producers want stars who are likely to be great game-players... and have the ability to double-cross or a way of sniffing out a back-stabber," they said.

The source concluded that the BBC may be considering some big names too. "They’re shooting for the stars too, because they don’t see why they can’t attract the same calibre of people that currently sign up for Strictly and I’m A Celebrity," they said.

Claudia Winkleman in The Traitors series 2

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Who will be in The Traitors celebrity version? 

On January 22nd, the topic of a celebrity version of The Traitors was discussed on This Morning as they discussed the rumours that were swirling.

Host Claudia Winkleman has also previously told Radio Times that she would like certain celebrities to take part in a Traitors celebrity special. "Victoria Coren Mitchell, so I can cuddle her. I know her, that sounds weird. Adam Woodyatt, always. Andrew Garfield and I'll have Stephen Fry as well," said Claudia.

Some outlets have suggested some other famous names who the BBC might be interested when it comes to casting. Gary Linekar, Colleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy, Alison Hammond, and Rylan Clark have all been listed by outlets such as Cosmopolitan as possible contestants.

Still from The Traitors

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The series has not been confirmed so it cannot be confirmed when the series will be set to air or if it will take place at the iconic Ardross castle in Scotland. Fans can  only sit back and enjoy the last week of The Traitors UK season 2 and hope that their dreams of a celebrity version comes true!

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