Susanna Reid reveals what could make her break her sobriety

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid has been a woman on a mission lately.

Six months ago the Good Morning Britain host revealed that she'd given up alcohol, in order to shed a few pounds after her doctor warned her she was almost at an unhealthy weight for her height.

And to ring in the New Year, the 48-year-old went one step further and revealed she's now given up caffeine, much to the disdain of her controversial co-host, Piers Morgan.

But on today's episode of GMB, Susanna Reid revealed that there is one thing that would make her break her decision to forfeit the booze.

Good Morning Britain have nominated for Best Daytime Programme at the National Television Awards, and Susanna admitted that if they win, she'd let loose with the alcohol once again.

She said, "If we win, I promise, I'll get drunk."

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Piers protested after Susanna's confession, saying, "But you don't drink. Everyone knows you don't drink." Prompting Susanna to respond, "That night. If we win, that night."

Clearly impressed, Piers went on to say, "Okay, if we win, Susanna Reid will break her alcohol-free, which has now been going on for about six months. Trust me, when she gets drunk, she's lively."

To which Susanna joked, "I will get absolutely hammered."

The presenter even went one step further, agreeing to come straight from the awards to present GMB drunk if the show were to win too!

Susanna has been open about the positive effects of giving up alcohol on both her waistline and her mental state. She told the Daily Express, “It is more than 100 days since I last touched alcohol and I feel clearer, sharper, and more energetic than ever,

“It’s certainly helped me – not least because I have get up so early and it doesn’t help when you feel as if you are in a constant state of jet lag.”

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