Strictly's Robert Webb reveals show was 'weird' and 'brutal'

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Robert Webb, reveals Strictly was an 'absolutely a weird show' as he opens up about exit

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Robert Webb, who dropped out of Strictly Come Dancing just a few days ago, has revealed that he found the show both 'brutal' and 'weird.'

Robert Webb left Strictly just a few days ago after announcing that his health issues prevented him from participating in the competition. Robert and his dance partner Dianne Buswell were one of the fan's favorites Strictly Come Dancing 2021 couples so many were disappointed when Robert announced he would be dropping out.

In a new interview with The Sun (opens in new tab), Robert revealed that the show was demanding and weirder than he expected. The star said, "A lot of the time I am not wired up right, as my brain refuses to put this leg over this leg. If we had longer to rehearse it would happen, but we get four days and one performance."

He compared this to his own experience acting on stage, “Like in the theatre you have press night and we are always doing the first show and it will be the worst show. The actors know this will be the worst performance except at the end of that performance [Strictly] you might get fired. It is brutal. It is an absolutely weird show,” he said.

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Robert went on to say in the interview that he also found it strange to be constantly on camera. He said, "You turn up and there is this reality to it. There is always a camera and there is a camera in the rehearsal room."

"It is unnatural as an actor as you want to be in this headspace where you are all trusting each other and you can do it wrong and be bad in front of your fellow actors and the director and it does not matter without getting canceled."

"But I trust the people as they are only there to make you look good, but it is a bit weird having this thing of cameras all the time. It is not like it is an unpleasant environment, but they are long days and it is a long time to be nice.” 

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Robert announced in a press statement on October 13 that he was unable to participate in the show because of heart issues.

The actor said, "I’m extremely sorry to have to announce that I’m withdrawing from Strictly Come Dancing due to ill health. Two years ago I had open-heart surgery and although I believed I was fit enough to take on Strictly and its demanding schedule, it became clear that I had bitten off way more than I could chew for this stage in my recovery."

He continued to praise his partner Diane in the statement and said, "I’m proud of the three dances that Dianne Buswell and I managed to perform and deeply regret having to let her down like this. I couldn’t have wished for a more talented partner or more patient teacher, and it’s a measure of Dianne’s professionalism and kindness that I was able to get as far as I did."

Although Robert will no longer be participating in the show, Strictly Come Dancing 2021 will continue to take place on Saturday and Sunday nights.

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