This Strictly Come Dancing Star Is ‘Mortified’ After Dropping His Dance Partner On Her Head

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  • When you land top of the leaderboard in your first week on Strictly, there’s a certain amount of pressure to equal or top your high score in the following weeks.

    So imagine how distraught you’d be if under all that pressure, you injured your dance partner.

    That’s exactly what happened to poor Aston Merrygold who dropped his partner, Janette Manrara on her head while practicing an ambitious lift during rehearsals for their salsa dance. Yes, that’s right, on her head!

    Aston was understandably distraught and absolutely “mortified” after Janette toppled from his shoulders, leaving her in the hands of the show’s medics.

    “It was really nasty,” a source told The Sun. “Aston was lifting Janette but it went horribly wrong.”

    Lucky for Aston (or should we say, Janette), she was given the all clear to carry on.

    “It left her shaken and she had to be checked over by the team. Fortunately it looks like she’s fine, which is a big relief,” the source added.

    “But it’s a confidence knock for them. Aston was mortified. He couldn’t stop apologising.

    “Janette was very gracious and doesn’t want it to impact him. She still trusts him to get the lift right when it really counts on Saturday night.”

    Fingers crossed he does or that will certainly knock them off the top spot.

    Aston and Janette are favourite to win the Glitterball trophy at the end of the series in December, after their foxtrot topped last week’s leaderboard.

    This week they choreographed an even bolder salsa to pop smash-hit Despacito, featuring daring lifts and moves.

    The source adde, “They obviously feel under pressure to live up to their early success and that has led to them coming up with an incredibly ambitious routine.

    “But it is dangerous and a lot can go wrong. Janette has told Aston she believes he can do it but it comes with a significant risk.

    “He could very easily kick her in the head in another move they’re planning. But they are determined to finish top again.”

    Watch this space…

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