Rising Fears For Prince George As Major Security Flaws At His New School Are Revealed

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  • The world might be excitedly talking about the news that the Duke and Duchess have just announced they are expecting a third baby, but we suspect Prince George is one member of the family who probably has other things on his mind. He’s set to start school this week, starting his very first day on Thursday the 7th of September.

    But scarily, it seems that Prince George’s new school, Thomas’s Battersea, may not be the safe haven his parents thought.

    Concerns have been raised after one local resident, who lives near the school, took it upon herself to prove how easy it is to gain access to the school and grounds, by paying a visit herself. She has claimed that the street and surrounding streets are left vulnerable
    to a terror attack following the arrival of the high-profile Prince.

    (Thomas’s Battersea)

    Talking to the Telegaph, Sarah Burnett-Moore, 54, revealed that she was able to casually stroll in through the front gates of Thomas’s through the main gate, and was even able to make her way into a classroom area, uncovering a shocking lack of security at George’s new school. 

    She filmed herself walking through the school, writing ” The front of the building was left completely unsecured, anyone could have wandered in with an IED to detonate next week.”

    “Is it only me that thinks this is a dereliction of security?”

    Discussing her findings, she said, “I could have walked in with an IED and set it to go off on Thursday.

    “I live just 200 metres from the school and myself and lots of neighbours are worried about the security implications as the prince’s presence will make the area a target for attacks.”

    Although the school is closed for the summer, Burnett-Moore admitted that the fact that she was able to gain access to the school so easily, and unnoticed, was “worrying”.

    However, sources say that when the Prince makes his first entrance through the gates of his new school on Thursday morning, alongside mum Catherine and dad William, a new, intensive security operation will of course be in place. Reportedly, security guards will be doing hourly checks around the school building, and royal protection officers will work 24/7 to ensure the safety of Prince George and his fellow pupils.

    However, the hope is that the intense security will go unnoticed by George and the rest of the schoolchildren, in order to help them feel as comfortable as possible.

    And to help with the new school transition, George will have the Duke and Duchess by his side on his first day, as Catherine has vowed that she and William will take it in turn to do the school runs throughout the week.

    But despite the fact that George will have round-the-clock security, there’s apparently another worry troubling the Duchess about her son’s first venture into school life.

    Reportedly, the Duchess of Cambridge is anxious about George starting school amid fears that he could be left isolated, given his royal status.

    A palace source has said, “All eyes are going to be on him 24/7, and Kate’s worried that he’s going to find himself segregated from the other kids because he’s part of the royal family,”

    “Also the fact that George is going to be one of the youngest in the class has been weighing on Kate’s mind.”

    However, the school’s ethos, which places kindness amongst pupils above all else, seems likely to help see George happily through his first few years of school.

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