Sally Phillips on 'Bridget Jones’ Diary' being cancelled

Sally Phillips - a.k.a Shazza - has spoken about the internet turning against classic rom-com Bridget Jones’ Diary

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Sally Phillips, who played Shazza in the classic film Bridget Jones’ Diary has spoken about cancelling the classic film based on the book of the same name by Helen Fielding.

Recently Bridget Jones’ Diary has been criticised by modern viewers for having antiquated ideas about body image, sexual harassment and feminism. Highlighting the discourse are tweets such as, “In Bridget Jones’ Diary we’re supposed to believe that she’s a failure and overweight when she’s 10 stone, got dead good mates, walks her way into a tv job, owns her own flat in central London and is fancied by Hugh Grant AND Colin Firth.”

Another Twitter user pointed out the change in societal standards and agreed, “Do you remember when Bridget Jones was considered a loser for having a full-time job in PR and having our own flat in zone one London and being single at 32.”

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It has now been 20 years since Bridget Jones’ Diary first appeared on our screens in 2001. On the 20th anniversary of the iconic film, Sally Phillips spoke to various outlets about the recent hate that Bridget Jones’ Diary has received for being out of touch.

Sally spoke to Grazia about the recent #MeToo movement and suggested that the concerns discussed by the movement highlight an ‘insidious’ problem that has been around for decades.“We thought it was bad then,” she said. “I mean, there were certain things that were much worse than sex pesting in the workplace. That was bad. But it's not like the problem isn't there now, and it's more insidious.’ 

However, she suggested cancelling a beloved film for not fitting with the times anymore won’t actually resolve the problem. “I just think these concerns are actually sort of bigger and more scary now,” said Sally. “And cancelling Bridget isn't a way of making anything better.”

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In an interview with Metro, Sally spoke about Bridget being regarded as fat in the film. Sally agreed that of course, "She wasn’t fat. She was lovely just as she was, that was the whole point of it."

She told Metro that if the film was made now, she believes there would be some serious changes to the way that Bridget talks about her weight. "I think what would change is the diary entries. It wouldn’t be weight and cigarettes. It would be a more intelligent self-improving wellness thing you were failing at," she said.

In a separate interview with the Express, Sally provided fans with a glimmer of hope as she discussed the possibility of a fourth film. When asked about the potential for a new film in the saga, Sally responded “I have a track record of being 100 percent wrong on this question,” she revealed. “So I think if you ask me, it’s job done. But that may guarantee there’s a fourth because I’ve been so wrong about it!”

Well we hope you are wrong Sally! Long live Bridget Jones!

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