Strictly Come Dancing’s Saffron Barker reveals home was burgled while family slept

Saffron has opened up about the terrifying ordeal.

saffron barker reveals home burglary
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Saffron Barker has revealed that her house was burgled overnight.

The Strictly Come Dancing star, who is partnered up with professional dancer AJ Pritchard on the current series of the BBC competition, took to her YouTube page to reveal that her family home was burgled while she and her parents and brothers were sleeping at night.

Taking to her online channel to open up about the incident, the YouTube star revealed that she and her family had woken in the morning to discover that their cars had been stolen, as well as other bits and pieces from their home.

Saffron confirmed that she had taken down a video explaining details of the incident because it only happened recently so there is still an ongoing police investigation.

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“I just want to give you a little update because I uploaded a vlog a couple of days ago and I spoke about our house getting burgled, and I did actually take the vlog down because I kind of thought maybe it's a bit too early because the police are still investigating it and stuff,” she said in her YouTube video.

"But the reason I'm mentioning this is because people who did see the vlog, I've had so many people so worried and concerned and I just want to say thank you so much,” continued the Strictly competitor, adding, "Me and my family we're totally fine and that's what's most important”.

Cutting to a video she shared on the morning after the burglary, Saffron continued, “It's been a very stressful morning.

"My dad woke up this morning like he usually would, went to go outside and go to work and realised that all our cars were gone”.

The social media star, who lives with her parents Wendy and Darren and brothers Jed, Casey and Jordan, continued, “So basically our cars have been stolen, we got broken into last night and stuff inside our house was taken, like handbags and shoes as well.

"I was so upset this morning and obviously still am, but luckily we're all safe and that's what's most important and this stuff can be replaced, but it is horrible knowing that someone's come into your house while you're sleeping."

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Saffron admitted that, while the family use a house alarm most nights, they unfortunately had left it unarmed that evening, adding that her younger brother Jed had actually noticed someone going into his room during the night but presumed it was one of the family.

“The worst part is, we know exactly what time it happened last night because Jed heard somebody in his room at 3am and just thought it was us,” she explained, “and he said he saw flashing lights and stuff but was half asleep so he genuinely thought it was just us.

"It's scary because if someone came into my room I'd be absolutely terrified and just the thought of knowing someone has been in your room is really, really scary, but luckily Jed's okay and that's what we're focusing on."

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