Ruth Langsford tears up as she reads out emotional love letter to Eamonn Holmes

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  • Live on Wednesday's Loose Women, Ruth Langsford became visibly emotional as she read out a sweet text message she'd sent to husband of 18 years, Eamonn Holmes.

    The mum-of-one and her fellow Loose Women panellists were discussing whether they had a ‘work spouse’. According to them, a work spouse is a person who supports and champions you at work – despite not being your actual partner.

    The panellists were all then tasked with sending a mesage to someone they care about, to share how much they mean to them.

    Ruth revealed that she of course had sent her message to husband Eamonn, via text. The star was reluctant to read out the message on the show, saying, “I can’t read it now, because it’s really quite gushy for me.”

    However, after some encouragement from Janet Street-Porter and Stacey Solomon, the 58-year-old was convinced.

    She said, “My darling, we are all so busy I worry I don’t take the time to tell you how much I love you. Well, I love you more than you will ever know.

    “You make my life complete and give me the support love and support to do everything I do.”

    Ruth continued, visibly tearing up, saying, “Thank you for making me feel like the most loved woman in the world.”

    After reading, Ruth pointed to her face, gesturing at how emotional the message had made her.

    However, it seems Eamonn had been a little to preoccupied to reply at the time of the show’s airing. Ruth said, “Eamonn! He hasn’t even replied.”

    Before revealing that it’s usually her husband who will send the emotional, gushy messages…

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    “I don’t even do gushy things like that. I call him my poet. He’s the gusher.”

    Earlier in the show however, broadcaster Eamonn had sent in a jokey message about his own ‘work spouse’.


    In a video sent into the show, he said, “Every now and again someone comes into your life and makes a real difference.

    “Someone who makes you laugh and cares about you, someone who is nice… someone who is your soulmate. Someone who is Saira Khan.”

    Eamonn and Saira work together on their TalkRadio evening show – hence their close work relationship.

    The message from Eamonn was met with laughter from the Loose Women audience – and luckily, it seems Ruth found it funny too!

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