Prue Leith’s health warning to Bake Off co-star Paul Hollywood

They may front Britain's most popular baking show, The Great British Bake Off, but according to Prue Leith, she and her co-star Paul could stand to shed a few pounds.

The 78-year-old baking guru recently confessed her belief that she and Paul are "slightly overweight". However, Prue Leith defended the Channel show, admitting that their time spent around delicious cakes probably isn't to blame for their weight gain.

She told Waitrose Food magazine, “Paul and I are both slightly overweight.

“I mean, I should lose a stone."

Prue also delivered her thoughts on Paul's stature.

She said, “And probably Paul should lose half a stone. But the truth is that we don’t eat very much cake.”

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The TV baker has long been an advocate of healthy eating. In the past, she's taken part in various initiatives to get people eating better. From 2007-2010, for example, Prue chaired the School Food Trust, which was set up to improve food in schools.

And it seems her background in health has caused some inner conflict in Prue - who is now, of course, is a judge on a show that is all about high-fat and high-sugar treats.

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She told the magazine that she's unsure whether show's like the Bake Off are bad or good for people's health.

"The jury’s absolutely out on whether these food programmes — particularly ‘cakey’, high-sugar ones — are doing more harm than good.

“I mean, there’s no doubt that more people are baking - and that’s good, because most people who get into cooking do so through baking.

“But on the other hand, maybe people watch Bake Off - then simply go out and buy more cake and stuff their faces with it.”

Prue isn't the first Bake Off judge to praise the virtues of healthy eating. Former judge Mary Berry has, in the past, revealed that she follows a 'very disciplined diet' - and indulges in cakes only occasionally.

Speaking to the Sunday Times magazine, she said, "I think to eat cake is very good for us. But it's the size of the slice and how often you have it.

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"I make myself eat one piece of toast for breakfast. When I'm doing Bake Off, I eat soup for lunch. I know what puts on weight for me, it's just over-indulgence."

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