Princess Diana stuns in unseen photo as fans remember 'truly the most beautiful woman'

Princess Diana fans are delighted by an unseen photo of the late royal looking completely at ease while sitting for a special portrait

Princess Diana
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Princess Diana was, in her lifetime, one of the most photographed women in existence. Despite this, fans never lose the thrill and excitement of never before seen images of the late royal.

Princess Diana's loyal fanbase has been delighted by a beautiful unseen photo of the iconic Lady Spencer. The image comes as the late royal's dedicated fanbase shared heartfelt tributes on the 24th anniversary of her tragic death.

The man behind the camera, Allan, is best known as the author of the Matthew Harvey series of books. However, it was in his former role, as a British Army officer, that he took these intimate photos of the late royal.

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The photo shows her sitting patiently for a portrait for her role as Colonel-in-Chief of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars. The Royal Hussars are a Royal Armoured Corps regiment of the British Army formed in 1992.

Its caption reads, "As it's the day (1997), I thought I'd post this photo, which I don't think has ever been published. Sitting for her portrait as Colonel-in-Chief 13/18H." 

The peoples' Princess is seen in the image looking like true royalty—elegant and glamorous in a black off-the-shoulder dress. However, it's a piece of jewelry she has adorning the dress that Allan remembers quite fondly.

"I had just brought the newly made brooch from Garrards," he said. The piece in question, which was in the style of a royal insignia, was made by the highly sought-after and respected jewelry company Garrard.

The author added an extra photo, zoomed into the brooch, so it's easier to see the stunning piece—which is neither the only piece made by Garrard for Diana nor the only piece made by them for the British Royal Family.

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Based in London's swanky Mayfair, the company has been in operation since 1735. They have handcrafted tiaras, necklaces, brooches, and many more magnificent pieces that are still worn by the British royal family. One example is the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire cluster engagement ring, which had been made for her deceased mother-in-law Diana.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring was actually originally meant for someone else.

The ring in question was bequeathed to Prince Harry after his mother's passing. He then gave to ring to his brother Prince William in order to propose to his now-wife.

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