Prince William Finds Channel 4's The Windsors 'Hilarious'

duke and duhcess of cambridge
duke and duhcess of cambridge
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Channel 4's The Windsors may poke fun at the royal family - but good-spirited Prince William has still said he finds it 'hilarious'.

The Windsorsis the fictional portrayal of the royal family's history, written in a soap-opera style. The current Royal Family are the focus of the programme. And the portrayal of William's wife, The Duchess of Cambridge, is particularilyfarcical.

According to source speaking with the Express,"The Duke finds The Windsors absolutely hilarious".

The source added: "He loves it. He finds the whole 'Kate is a gypsy' thing particularly funny. He watched the whole of the first series and will be tuned in for the second."

The Duchess of Cambridge, played by Louise Thorp in the show, is shown as a gypsy traveller who struggles to fit in with the rest of the royals. But William's wife isn't the only person whose character in the show has been hammed up for comic effect.

Camilla is portrayed as a cartoon villainess who is hell-bent on becoming Queen. The second series also features Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle. Meghan's character is depicted by Kathryn Drysdale. Speaking about the role to the Express she said: "I went quite a way back down the Instagram to see what she [Meghan] was up to before and after she met Harry."

The actress also revealed that she binge-watched Suits, the law-based drama which Meghan stars in as a US attorney, to prepare for the role.

In one of the first scenes that Meghan is introduced, Charles, played by Harry Enfield, mistakes her for the woman who has come to clean his shoes! We presume the real-life meeting went a lot more smoothly...

The Queen and Prince Philip do not feature in the show, but there is an appearance from the Prime Minister,TheresaMay. One episode seesTheresaapproach Charles for help with Chinese relations as Brexit damages her ability to secure trade deals.

The Windsors is shown every Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

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