The Surprising Thing Prince Philip Has Given To A Museum

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  • Prince Philip has today gifted his prize possession – an inconspicuous taxi cab – to Sandringham Museum.

    We know what you’re thinking. Prince Philip has a taxi? Why? Apparently, the eco-friendly green taxi has been in the royal’s possession for over 18 years, and he’s used it to travel around the capital unnoticed and undetected during that time. He’s reported to have often driven the car himself, although royal sources generally maintain that it’s usually driven by a chauffeur.

    The Sandringham Museum announced in a newsletter that it will soon be showcasing the vehicle. It will join 20 other royal vehicles, including a 1963 Rover owned by the Queen, and a small reproduction of a Citroen C4 which was initially made for Prince Charles.

    “HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s taxi, which he used for travelling to both official and private engagements in London, has arrived at Sandringham and has been added to the display in the Royal Garages”

    The Metrocab, which was regularly used for official appearances, was apparently due for major repairs, which lead the palace to believe that it was about time to place it into a museum.

    Prince Philip has been using it since 1999, so it’s probably set to be quite the sad parting for him. But fear not – the Duke won’t be hanging up his driving shoes just yet, as it’s reported that the royal will continue to drive other cars he owns. Philip is famously a big fan of driving, having been spotted ferrying the former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama at Windsor Castle in 2016.

    And despite being arguably the most famous family in the world, it’s not an unusual sight to see one of the royals driving themselves around. Prince William has often been spotted driving his young family around, whilst the Queen has been spotted behind the wheel herself many times during her 65-year reign. William famously drove himself and Catherine off after their wedding, and drove his Range Rover away from the hospital following the birth of son George back in 2013, with Catherine in tow.

    The exhibit showcasing the car will open on 1st April, if you want to catch a glimpse.

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