Prince George And Princess Charlotte's Favourite New Hobby

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There are many hobbies the royal family are famous for - shooting, Catherine's photography, dog walking, to name but a few. But the hobby the clan are perhaps most famous for is, undeniably, their mutual love of horses and horse riding.

Rarely does the Queen let a year go by without attending the horse races, and she'll always make sure to put in an appearance at at least one of the biggest meetings of the year - namely, Royal Ascot or Cheltenham. She's also been spotted plenty of times out on her horse, and despite her advancing years, is still obviously passionate about riding.

William and Harry are also famous polo fans, and are regular riders themselves. And it seems as though Princess Charlotte and Prince George are the next members of the family to take up this impressive royal pastime.

Equestrian triple-gold medallist Natasha Baker recalled a conversation she had with the Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace last year, about the royal children's newest fascination.

Baker said, "I asked her how the children were, and she said Charlotte is really enjoying her riding which is great to hear, and I said we may see her here on a line-up in 20 years time."

And it seems the littlest royal followed in her big brother's footsteps, as Prince George was already receiving lessons. A source reportedly told the Daily Mail that the eventual heir to the throne began lessons at the age of just two!

The source said, "William and Kate were keen to get George on a horse once he was walking confidently.

"George loved his first ride - he was led around a paddock on a rein and shrieked with delight. William and Kate were both there to watch."

However, the young pair won't get a chance to share this passion with their mother - as it seems the Duchess of Cambridge is one of the only members of the royal family who doesn't ride horses.

Marcia Moody, author of Kate: A Biography, said that simply, the Duchess doesn't ride horses because she never has done - "Kate doesn't ride, purely because she didn't do it growing up.

"William and Harry were taught from an early age, but the only time they ride now is for polo - they don't go off on hacks like the queen always has."

(Prince William and Prince Harry riding at a polo match in 2015)

But, Marcia reassured that Catherine won't let that stand in the way of her children pursuing the hobby. She said, "She emphasised that Charlotte has this passion about horses and although she doesn't echo it, she'll do her best to champion and encourage it."

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