President Biden gets serious about holiday travel plans as epic snow storm threat mounts, 'leave now, it's dangerous'

President Biden gets serious as he warns against traveling ahead of the Christmas period as a snowstorm descends upon the US

President Biden gets serious as he warns against traveling ahead of the Christmas period as a snowstorm descends upon the US
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President Biden has warned people traveling home for Christmas to be careful and travel now before it's too late and unsafe to do so. 

An arctic storm is currently sweeping across the US and Canada and the effects have been so severe that people who have left it to the last minute to travel for the holidays are in trouble.

Meteorologists claim that the intensity and the fast progression of the storm mean that it is actually known as a bomb cyclone. This reportedly takes place when rotating energized clouds drop in a certain level of atmospheric pressure within 24 hours. This means that warm air and cold air is combining and creating a cyclone formation.

President Biden has now released a warning from the Oval Office and recommended that those who have holiday plans, need to leave now so that they can travel safely. "You can see on the map the estimated areas where its as low as 50 degrees and dark red below zero. It’s dangerous and threatening, it’s really very serious weather alert and it goes from Oklahoma all the way to Wyoming and Maine," said the President.

"So I encourage everyone to please heed local warnings. Take this storm extremely seriously," he added. "I don't know if your bosses will let you, but if you all have travel plans, leave now, not a joke."

The POTUS then added that he has even sent some of his staff members home as working isn't a life or death situation, but travelling in this storm could be. "I’m sending my staff...if they have plans to leave tomorrow, I’m telling them leave now. They can talk to me on the phone, it's not life and death, but it will be if they don't get out. They may not get out," he concluded.

Reports have suggested that this is getting pretty serious in some areas. The US National Weather Service (NWS) has warned of heavy freezing spray and the possibility of 27ft (8m) waves on Great Lake and in the Great Lakes area until Sunday.

Blackouts have been reported across Canada with Quebec being the worst affected with 120,000 outages, Ontario and British Columbia are also being affected by outages and blackouts.

Power outages are also severely affecting the US. States such as Connecticut, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Texas have been the worst affected so far. People in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Maine have also been heavily impacted by a loss of power.

This storm isn't just limited to icy weather and power outages, hurricane-force winds, floods, fogs, blizzards, and rip currents have all been predicted and warnings are currently in place across many states. 

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