Postdates is the new app that will help you avoid this common awkward break-up moment

The app we've all been waiting for!

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Break-ups. Some are easy, mutually decided and you walk away feeling like you’ve learnt something. 

Then there’s the other kind. The old adage suggests there’s a thin line between love and hate and if you’ve ever experienced a messy, emotional break-up, you know how quick it is to cross that thin line.

With this kind of break-up, you don’t always have time to properly plan and execute your exit. You might leave behind your favorite sweater, some books or other keepsakes, and items that don’t travel well in a hurry.

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And with finding that break-ups were on the rise last year, with 67% of users having admitted they went through a break up in the last year, up from only 34% the year before, the more break-ups there are, the more likely some of them will be messy.

Whether you’re too proud, too angry or too hurt to face your ex once you’ve walked away, many might just consider these items a casualty of war.

But not any more thanks to Postdates.

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Postdates works just like Postmates, another popular service with a very similar name, only instead of ordering food or groceries to be delivered to you, you order someone to go and collect items that belonged to you from your exes place.

The website for the service explains, “We designed Postdates to get your stuff back from (or send stuff back to) your ex...or just someone who you're no longer in direct contact with. Remember that hoodie you let them borrow? Now, you can get it back. Divorced? Ghosted? Friendzoned? We've got you. For a limited time only.”

How does Postdates work?

The website explains, “You use your number to create an account."

"You'll then select the type of relationship you were a part of (with options including One Night Stand, Living Together or Divorced), add the items you'd like to get back/send, and fill out some delivery info (your address, your ex's phone number, payment method, etc)."

Depending on the situation, Postdates reach out to your ex (or whoever) to see if they either A) have your items and are willing to let the company come pick then up or B) are willing to accept the delivery for the items that you're returning to them.

If yes, they will proceed with the delivery. You pay only after your request is accepted.

In a world where there's an app for everything, this one seems pretty handy when it comes to messy breakups!

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